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    Semi hollow option??

    My first PRS, also my favorite electric that I own.
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    DC3 Frets

    That's what drew me to this guitar. Everything about it was made to be played. The neck, frets, scale length, and having pickups that sound equally nice in all five positions. Love the neck/middle position, such incredible tone that is easy to dial. Some pickups just don't make it easy to find...
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    DC3 Frets

    Love the pickups on my DC3, so easy to play.
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    Really nice, I like the natural back with green.
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    The DC3: Most underrated PRS?

    Great choice! I would have opted for that, too, but I already have a 22 Semi-Hollow LTD in sapphire smokeburst, so I went with scarlet smokeburst to add variety. I notice you opted for maple fingerboard with ring dots. I really like the way the ring dots look on the maple!
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    The DC3: Most underrated PRS?

    I had no idea it was underrated, honestly can't speak highly enough about mine! Thought that Fender and G&L were the only affordable options, tried them out and hated the necks. Figured I'd just go without a single coil guitar....and then I heard about the DC3. Here is pic of mine:
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    Free sets of DR Pure Blues 10's

    I switched to hex-core for a change of tone, so anybody who wants two free sets of DR Pure Blues 10's can PM me. Just paypal the actual cost of priority flat rate shipping (about $5.50). First person I hear from gets them! All I ask is that you are actually going to use them. Edited: Let...
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    Your fav PRS artist

    It was Alex Lifeson's interview years ago for some guitar magazine that first made me familiar with PRS guitars. He mentioned that PRS is the only guitar that is set up correctly, right out of the box. My brain interpreted that as: PRS=Quality Guitar
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    Would You Wear a Rockstar for a Hat?

    I don't understand the question: what do you mean by "rockstar"? Is that a brand, like Stetson, Bailey, etc?
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    One PRS and one non-PRS desert isle guitars

    Fortunately, the professor left a solar powered generator, so electric guitars are no problem!
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    One PRS and one non-PRS desert isle guitars

    So, in addition to one of your PRS guitars, which non-PRS would you bring? ONLY ONE OF EACH!!! It's a no-brainer for me, I'd take my 2010 22 Semi-Hollow, LTD and my 2001 Dupont MC-50.
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    Top 25 "Desert Island" Albums

    Geez, I don't think anybody so far would want to be stuck on my desert island with my choices. A few that I'd definately NOT want to live without would easily be: 1. Bach Brandenburg Concertos conducted by Gustav Leonhardt (two cds) 2. Beethoven Complete Symphonies conducted by Nikolaus...
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    JA-15 Demo

    Great....I already had GAS for a JA-15 you go and post this!!! This is, without doubt, going to be my next guitar.
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    What is Goldtop listening to?

    Today at work: Django Reinhardt: JSP post-war recordings, disc b Wes Montgomery: Road Song Black Crowes: Twice as Hard Now: Barney Kessel: Let's Cook! (my favorite of his recordings)
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    Let's Post Some Pics of Our First PRSi!

    I just bought my first electric guitar, this 22 Semi-Hollow, LTD, a few years ago. Still have it for playing jazz, blues, rock, and slide, never a thought of selling it. Found it at Dave's Guitars in Wisconsin while browsing their website. I was trying to find my first electric guitar, one that...
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    Your fav PRS artist

    Wow, I didn't know Martin Barre played PRS, he's an incredible musician!!!
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    First live concert?

    Well, my first concert wasn't by choice. I was a boy and my folks took me with them to see Mel Tillis. I actually enjoyed the banter in-between songs since (being a youngster) I was facinated by the fact that he didn't stutter when he sang. The first "real" concert was the World Series of...
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    First Album/CD purchase

    Not that I'm proud to admit it, but my first album was the self-titled "Kiss" album and the Paul Stanley solo record. I was about nine years old. My tastes have become more cultured since the late 70's/early 80's, though. :oops:
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    Your fav PRS artist

    Al Di Meola