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  1. Mr.Koozie

    strap locks

    Me too.
  2. Mr.Koozie

    Grover 406c side-by-side (and install info)

    Hey thanks for posting this! My Grover 406c tuners just arrived the other day. With any luck I will install them on my SE Custom 24 this weekend.
  3. Mr.Koozie

    Dave's Guitar Shop: HUGE PRS Shippment just came in!

    I'm only 2 hours away. But I don't need anything giving me the GAS itch. Too tempting! I wonder if they still stock tons of PRS guitars like this, as this thread is almost two years old.
  4. Mr.Koozie

    Just have to say…..

    Have to agree. I belong to several forums and this one is easily the friendliest, most helpful, and thankfully drama-free. I was lurking here long before I bought my first PRS and it only made me want one more. Everyone is welcome. My PRS is an SE and I’ve never felt like that made me “not...
  5. Mr.Koozie

    Adding pickup covers?

    I bought mine from, but please be advised I don't know which pickups are right for you as my PRS is an SE.
  6. Mr.Koozie

    Locking tuners on a PRS SE Custom 24

    I have the exact same guitar as the OP. I wasn't planning on it, but it looks like I'm going to embark on the same upgrade after reading all of this. I'll probably go with the Grovers because I like what I've read about them. There are older threads on here about this same topic and the Grovers...
  7. Mr.Koozie

    Anyone play other instruments besides guitar?

    I own a ukulele that I admittedly don’t know how to play very well. But it’s a fun instrument. I used to be a drummer many years ago. Drums are a lot of fun but way too loud.
  8. Mr.Koozie

    Can I Join the Party?

    Wow! :adore:
  9. Mr.Koozie


    I like it! I bet it looks killer in person.
  10. Mr.Koozie

    SE Custom 24 in sapphire - My Black Friday score

    I put 10's on mine right away as I didn't care for the 9's.... and it made a good excuse to install pickup covers.
  11. Mr.Koozie

    SE Custom 24 in sapphire - My Black Friday score

    Nope. No fret buzzing here. Well, I have a little bit of buzzing. But that's because I tried to lower the action a little more.
  12. Mr.Koozie

    I put pickup covers on my SE (pics included)

    That's a tough one. I've seen the pic of your new guitar and it looks sweet with the zebra pickups. But they might look nice with covers too. Tough decision. The good thing is, it's a reversible mod.
  13. Mr.Koozie

    I put pickup covers on my SE (pics included)

    I haven't noticed any difference.
  14. Mr.Koozie

    I put pickup covers on my SE (pics included)

    I wanted to dress up my new SE Custom 24 a little so I bought some sliver plated nickel covers from Philadelphia Luthier Tools's website. Shipping was fast. The sizes are 50 mm and 52 mm. I wondered whether or not I would like them with the existing black mounting rings but I think it looks fine...
  15. Mr.Koozie

    Wanna see how SEs are made?

    Cool video. It looks like they make a ton of instruments there. I didn't realize the James Hetfield Iron Cross was made in Korea. Here's part two:
  16. Mr.Koozie

    SE Mods

    I ordered the silver finish this morning. I like things that are shiny.
  17. Mr.Koozie

    SE Custom 24 in sapphire - My Black Friday score

    I most certainly am! I dig the thin neck.
  18. Mr.Koozie

    SE Mods

    Now I can't decide which - raw nickel or nickel plated silver. What do you guys think?