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  1. Draconomics

    Who Else Chose a SE over a Core?

    I wouldnt say out of the box I prefer SE's over cores, but once I do the whole refit job on an SE, which includes setup, nut change, replacing saddles on trem equipped models, swap out input jack, and put new pickups in there, the difference is almost nil at that point. Now of course all that is...
  2. Draconomics

    Random. No more or less

    Love me some good synthetic oil. Especially over enchiladas. Mmm-mmm.
  3. Draconomics

    SE Mods

    Fantastic job! Reminds me, I'm gonna have to come back to this thread soon. I picked up a Nick Catanese SE a couple weeks ago, and well....we have some work to do, especially to the "Nick Catanese" part.
  4. Draconomics

    Monteleone makes PRS PS look like bargains

    $175k, huh? Just to spite the price tag, the first thing I'd play on it is Smells Like Teen Spirit.
  5. Draconomics

    Random. No more or less

    Good to hear! I'm doing better, but man...the snot just lingers. I'm glad it wasnt worse, I know people my age have been wrecked by Covid, and it looks kinda random as to how it affects people. If this was all I got, then I'm happy.
  6. Draconomics

    Random. No more or less

    Thanks and hope you are doing ok!
  7. Draconomics

    Random. No more or less

    Thanks for all the b-day wishes guys! It was a nice day. :)
  8. Draconomics

    Random. No more or less

    Welp, happy barfday to me. 36 today, and still contagious with Covid, and the bday cake tastes like snot with sugar. Yippee.
  9. Draconomics

    Cort-Tek made SE's

    That place is real, its called Tijuana.
  10. Draconomics

    Random. No more or less

    Wow....those are some wild dreams. I don't dream much anymore. I mean, I'm kinda happier honestly, most of them are stupid like the time I was driving through the Arizona desert in a Studebaker with Newt Gingrich and a honey badger, searching for the golden taqueria, but you know...who hasnt...
  11. Draconomics

    Random. No more or less

    Those darn Canadians. Maple syrup, Alex Lifeson, working healthcare....what'll they think of next?
  12. Draconomics

    Random. No more or less

    What's a hockey?
  13. Draconomics

    Random. No more or less

    Yeah, noticed that too. My breath is shorter and I'm getting winded easier. I'm still wheezing and couching here and there. Its not bad, but its not something I get with normal colds, so this is new.
  14. Draconomics

    Random. No more or less

    Well, how about a covid update? Its been nearly two weeks now, still getting an A+ on my covid test. Everything tastes like snot. Tacos? Snot with hot sauce. Hand tossed pizza? Snot with cheese. Straight pink salt? Snot rocks. I'm exhausted...I think today is a good day for Skyrim.
  15. Draconomics

    Random. No more or less

    Nice! Is that your axe there? s2 McCarty? Its beautiful.
  16. Draconomics

    Strap choice

    Might I suggest Right On Mojo straps. They are vegan and made in Spain! For locks, I use Schaller locks. Best ones I've ever used, so modifications needed either.
  17. Draconomics


    Cheese. Lots of cheese.
  18. Draconomics

    1994 PRS CE 22 - Dragon 1 swap or sell

    This reminds me of a person I found while browsing guitar stuff on youtube. I mentioned this here before, but second breakfast is as good as the first. So, there's this kid on YouTube, he has a wood library PRS custom. Gorgeous guitar, sublime color. He made an entire video about why he doesn't...
  19. Draconomics

    Random. No more or less

    Old Italian gangster...err "totally legal olive exporter" Grandpaperoni is disappointed in your knowledge of the ancient ways.