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  1. HellBat

    Private Stock Friday

    The stainwork on this one is a work of art... My compliments to the chef.
  2. HellBat

    Private Stock Friday

    This guitar should be named Groucho for the face in the back.
  3. HellBat

    Let's see those McCarty's (All variants)

    My 594 Artist...
  4. HellBat

    Private Stock Friday

    Mmmmm. Koa.
  5. HellBat

    NGD McCarty SC - Smells like fish

    You never mentioned the color of the guitar. Was it Salmon pink?
  6. HellBat

    NGD McCarty SC - Smells like fish

    Floyd with a D-Tuna?
  7. HellBat

    NGD - PS 594 DC

    Beauty guitar. What's the fretboard wood? Striped ebony?
  8. HellBat

    The Great Blue Guitar Thread

    Not my greatest photography, but it’s a blue guitar...
  9. HellBat

    Faulty PRS SE Custom 24

    Take a look at the strings and the pickup pole pieces. What I can’t tell from the picture is if the pickups aren’t centred or if it’s the bridge.
  10. HellBat

    NGD: PS Hollowbody 594 Jade Glow

    Those inlays though! (Slow clap) Is that a small ding in the back or a reflection?
  11. HellBat

    What PRS guitar is this? (Resolved)

    This was either made by somebody that is really bad at copying things or by a prodigy at building copies based off of somebody describing the original item to them in 30 seconds or less. I think the model is Micarta Treefiddy.
  12. HellBat

    My first PRS - 594 Artist

    A bit more back story. I had decided I wanted a PRS to fill the LP tone zone in my life, because ergonomically LP's just don't fit me. I was just looking at the models on the PRS website and the 594 obviously fit the bill of what I was looking for. (Mahogany/Maple body, carved top, 2 humbuckers...
  13. HellBat

    My first PRS - 594 Artist

    Hi All. I recently purchased my first PRS guitar, a brand new 2019 River Blue 594 Artist. I'm still in the honeymoon phase but so far I love it. It's my best sustaining, intonated, and most comfortable playing guitar. First off I apologize for the crap pictures, I haven't had a change to snap...
  14. HellBat

    What is this part for {dumb question of the day}

    It’s usually a fastaminator, unless you have a turbo encabulator. In that case it’s fufu valve.
  15. HellBat

    For me: features in theory and in practice

    I try to keep to one during a gig, but have a spare in case of disaster. However sometimes I need to keep another in an alternate tuning due to female singers that want to change the key on almost every song.
  16. HellBat

    NGD: something charcoal with tight flames this way comes...

    Very nice. 594’s are great guitars, enjoy the crap out of that one.
  17. HellBat

    Private Stock Friday

    I was thinking if that’s the back, how crazy will the front look?