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  1. BaePower

    Hot Pink Silver Sky

    Hmmm... I’m guessing it’s a promo guitar for the (hopefully) upcoming SE models and its finishes! I mean... summer NAMM... John bringing out a new album...
  2. BaePower

    NGD: My first Private Stock, SSH in faded pomegranate

    What. A. Beaut. Congrats!
  3. BaePower

    Top Tier PRS Dealers in the European Union

    Besides Thomann (which I recommend as well) you can also check out Dijkmans Muziek in Breda, Holland. They carry a great stock of PRS and are great people!
  4. BaePower

    I am new here and need some input..

    Maybe a bit of a drive, but try out Dijkmans (with an S at the end) in Breda, they carry quite a few PRS guitars
  5. BaePower

    Private Stock Friday

    That's Ziricote, if Im not mistaken
  6. BaePower

    PRS Wood Buyer Michael Reid's 30-Year Employee Guitar Auction

    What an absolute beautiful guitar and such a thoughtful act!
  7. BaePower

    World Cup 2018

    France deserved the win, but still think that penalty shouldnt have been given. Also the freekick from the first goal... total dive from Griezmann. But yeah, again France deserved it.
  8. BaePower

    World Cup 2018

    Well this was quite a decent game. Unfortunate result for the Belgiums, but France was the stronger team. I don't see them losing to Croatia or England
  9. BaePower

    World Cup 2018

    Quite a disgraceful match at times, with a terrible ref as well. But ooh so unlucky, Colombia came so close
  10. BaePower

    NGD in a long time....

    Damn! I saw the video of this run and was really tempted to get one too! But shipping and importing costs put them a but above my budget. But yours looks really sweet, congrats!
  11. BaePower

    Cool PRS shots? Post'em!

    Wow, they are stunning!
  12. BaePower

    World Cup 2018

    Man, Im quite happy that the best playing team went through but, damn I did start cheering for the underdog after that 2-0 and then to lose in the final seconds... pfffff
  13. BaePower

    World Cup 2018

    They get my full support as an Olympic diving team, as a football team... not so much
  14. BaePower

    World Cup 2018

    Really wished Mexico would make it to the next round... I got no connection with Brazil this tournament. another F1 follower? :) What a drive by Max eh, in a great GP
  15. BaePower

    ANOTHER box showed up!!!!!!!!

    Thats one beautiful guitar you got there!
  16. BaePower

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    That's too cool!
  17. BaePower

    World Cup 2018

    Such a sad way for Senegal to end the tournament, but I'm quite happy that Colombia got through! :D
  18. BaePower

    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    Will these ponchos also be available as accessories?;)
  19. BaePower

    World Cup 2018

    Holy [email protected]!! Germany is going home! The Koreans deserved to go through after this game, such a shame Sweden won, but played great as well
  20. BaePower

    Man....just when you have given up on new music...SURPRISE!

    Absolutely adore this guy, such a great musician