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  1. doublescale1

    Sandblasted Swamp Ash SE Custom 24 Exclusive to Europe!

    Paul has been bringing out all the natural beauty of wood for many years now and he's found a new way to expand his trade-craft.
  2. doublescale1

    PRS DGT vs PRS Special 22

    The DGT gets you a set of David Grissom's amazing pickups not available separately. The DGT pickups were painstakingly cerated bu Paul from a set of Grissom's favorite ES335 PAF's; that makes them unique to all other PRS PU offerings. Try to play each model before you buy - the DGT will also...
  3. doublescale1

    My favorite PRS model

    My '06 McCarty with it's Railhammer Hyper Vintage Pickup set, wired for Series/Parallel with Push-Push pots. I ordered this guitar back in 2006 and waited 7 months for it to come in. Everything about this guitar makes it a pleasure to play.
  4. doublescale1

    How can I make my PRS SE sound more like a Les Paul?

    After I sold my R9 because it just wasn't changing my life, I sold it at a modest profit and I just bought a Faded Cherry Les Paul Studio back in 2016 for $650.00 and put a set of Jim Wagner American Steel pickups in it - LP itch scratched for low money... It does have more low end grunt than my...
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    My Westy had its makeover!!

    You got a gorgeous piece of wood there - the re-fin unleashed it beauty for all to see - enjoy
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    I Sort Of Feel Bad Selling My R8

    Had that same feeling about an R9 I owned after I got my 594 - sold off the R9 at a nice little profit, picked up a LP Studio with a very nice neck, put a Jim Wagner "American Steel" set in it and never looked back.
  7. doublescale1

    New discovery about P90 pickups...

    Contact Ilitch Electronics and ask them about a Cavity Silent Single Coil system for your PRS control cavity. They make them for Gibsons and can make one for the control cavity on a PRS. I have one on a 50's Tribute Les Paul w/stock Gibson P90's and it's as quiet as my HB guitars.
  8. doublescale1

    McCartys... Let's see 'em!

    and you don't loose the noise cancelling as well.
  9. doublescale1

    McCartys... Let's see 'em!

    Here'a my '06 McCarty - it took 7 months for it to arrive after I ordered it even back then. I've got a set of Joe Naylor's Railhammer Hyper Vintage pickups in it. I also did Push/Push pots so I can switch between Series and Parallel. Parallel gets me very close to Tele type voicing. The...
  10. doublescale1

    History of the PRS McCarty?

    Nice - I've got 2 younger brothers who lived in Aurora for 30 years. Now one's in Grand Rapids and the other has moved to Atlanta. I found work here first in local radio station (W4 for a while) then moved into producing car commercials and moved through all of the Big 3 for clients. So I found...
  11. doublescale1

    History of the PRS McCarty?

    It's the Joe Naylor from Detroit who created Reverend Guitars. He's been shipping these Railhammer pickups as standard factory pickups in all the Reverend guitars. Here - take a look around the Railhammer site:
  12. doublescale1

    History of the PRS McCarty?

    The pickups are Joe Naylor's Railhammer pickups, this is the "Hyper Vintage" set - these are a trad. PAF lower output set. They have increasingly higher output sets to accommodate the drop-tune heavier styles of music - the advantage to Joe's design is that he's got Rails under the low 3 strings...
  13. doublescale1

    DGT and 0.009 Gauge

    in a little time after you put the lighter gauge strings on it you may have to do a neck adjustment to pull the neck back a little flatter as it may develop a little more back-bow with the lighter string's with less tension. David Grissom plays 11's and because it's his sig. guitar, that's the...
  14. doublescale1

    How does the blade switch sounds compare to the rotary switch?

    I found the rotary just too difficult to use and even worse if my hands were sweaty. The blade will give you all the same tone options but with a selection format that works during a gig. If you're a full time studio player, or someone who only changes pickup selection between sets, the rotary...
  15. doublescale1

    New to PRS… Choosing model.

    The "start with a used core model" is very good advice - however you can go to music stores and audition new guitars there as well and that may be easier to find all the different models you're interested in - if you think you want a DGT be sure to play one before you purchase - the DGT neck is...
  16. doublescale1

    Stoptail Bridges: Adjustable vs. Non-Adjustabe?

    I had a couple adjustable wrap tailpieces on my '06 McCarty - I finally just got tired of fishing the strings through when there were no little "tubes" to guide the strings through to the back of the tailpiece. I finally just put the original, factory wrap McCarty tailpiece on the guitar and...
  17. doublescale1

    Bridge pickup for Singlecut?

    Jim Wagners "Goodwood" bridge pickup is a slightly overwound bridge that totally retains the PAF nice top-end but gives you more girth in the upper mids without getting muddy/mushy. IIRC he developed this one for one of the guys in Buckcherry (it's been a good while but I think I remember him...
  18. doublescale1

    Smash or pass quiz

    I'd pass - if you just play the guitar for a while you'll get used to where the selector switch is located and you'll build up that muscle memory to find it without thinking, and you'll not have a modded guitar to have to try and sell one day. Just my .02 cents.
  19. doublescale1

    New Custom Soapbar Day!

    That's how you do it. Nice guitar. That one's a keeper. In the late 90's I had a CU22 with 2XP90's and for the life of me I can't remember what twisted logic I sold myself on that I needed to sell it...