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  1. alexanderraimo

    Able to change username?

    Hey everyone, I wasn't sure where to post this, and I didn't see any options under the account settings. Is there a way to change my username on this forum?
  2. alexanderraimo

    Kick the Photobucket Poll...

    I have a facebook album set so only I can see it. I usually just upload there, then right click and click Copy Image Address to post pics.
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    2017 Summer Concert Anticipation

    Currently on my BandsInTown calendar: 5/21 - Skillet & Starset 6/15 - Icon For Hire 6/24 - Skillet at Kingsfest 7/1 - Skillet at Creation Festival 7/26 - Skillet (on the Korn/Stone Sour tour) 7/27 - Skillet (on the Korn/Stone Sour tour) 8/1 - Linkin Park 9/15-16 - Skillet and Lacey Sturm at...
  4. alexanderraimo

    Private internet lessons.

    If you're open to Skype lessons, I know of two guitarists who do guitar lessons. Both are excellent guitar players, one is in a pretty big band, and a super cool guy, and the other is in a little less known band, but more has more availability to teach. Seth Morrison from Skillet...
  5. alexanderraimo

    Exotic top SEs in Europe

    I'm okay with that :)
  6. alexanderraimo

    Exotic top SEs in Europe

    So I saw a link to this come up on my Facebook newsfeed. An Ebony Tremonti SE sounds very tempting.
  7. alexanderraimo

    SE Zach Myers - 2015 vs 2017

    Nice! You'll love it!
  8. alexanderraimo

    Multi guitar stands?

    I have two similar cases... both Roadrunner stands, one is a bit fancier than the other.
  9. alexanderraimo

    OPINION? At what point does an artist's instrument increase in value

    I like what I'm reading. As I said, I don't think it should increase the value if the person is not a huge household name. This guitar is cosmetically not in the best condition... I think it's cool that it belonged to someone who used to be in one of my favorite bands... but really I'm hoping...
  10. alexanderraimo

    OPINION? At what point does an artist's instrument increase in value

    So I know typically we don't really talk about an instrument's value on here because there's many factors in the used market that affect that. However, I'm more curious on everyone's opinion on this matter. Someone is selling a very beat up (it was used on several tours) PRS that was used by...
  11. alexanderraimo

    I've never had anything fixed by the PTC...

    I'm no expert on Ben Kasica's life... but it says practice guitar, and I don't think I've ever seen them tour with that guitar, so I'd imagine that would be one he'd care about the finish on, since it wasn't getting beat up on the road all the time (case and point, the SC250 I mentioned in my...
  12. alexanderraimo

    I've never had anything fixed by the PTC...

    Oh don't worry guys, I wasn't planning on buying it to begin with. I have a problem with looking at Reverb for hours upon hours dreaming. I came across a SC250 that belonged to Skillet's old guitarist and decided just for fun to look up some of the bands I listen to and see what people had...
  13. alexanderraimo

    I've never had anything fixed by the PTC...

    Exactly what I was thinking.
  14. alexanderraimo

    I've never had anything fixed by the PTC...

    ...but I've heard a lot of great stories about instruments they've repaired. Does anyone else think this listing is a little off? It says the neck was fixed by PRS, but judging by what I've heard, and looking...
  15. alexanderraimo

    Pickup covers

    Hello all, As some of you may recall, I picked up a violet singlecut with black and gold hardware last month. Picture below to jog your memories. I want to replace the pickups with Tremontis. I never did a pickup swap on a guitar that had covers on it, so bare with me if this seems like a...
  16. alexanderraimo

    No S2 Birds, say it ain’t so Paul…

    I thought the same when I got my first S2 after owning only SEs.
  17. alexanderraimo

    Experience [2017] 2018

    I heard this as well.
  18. alexanderraimo

    Signing a backplate

    Silver sharpie