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  1. Proxmax

    My Favourite PRS

    many thanks, peter.
  2. Proxmax

    My Favourite PRS

    cool - you don't see 1 pc tops like that too often... this is mine, with ebony fb as well. 1 piece top private stock grade maple macassar ebony fretboard Häussel 1959 custom plus PUs - one off special wiring with premium parts - etc.. pics in different light situations. this is the most...
  3. Proxmax

    New to PRS and New PRS

  4. Proxmax

    pickup height adjustment

    it is not that easy but adjust the pup by tone. only make 1/4 turns - you'll hear the difference. to me it is the only way it works.
  5. Proxmax

    Ooops!! What have I done??

    instead of springs i use pieces from a silicon hose on all guitars... :wink:
  6. Proxmax

    Mixing 59/09 and 57/08 in a PRS Custom 22

    great mix - do it!
  7. Proxmax

    I just inserted a ceramic mag into a 59/09...

    i'm pretty sure it is an A5 magnet. A2 don't punch that much in the deeper tones.
  8. Proxmax

    PRS needs your input!

    kemper + headphone amp for more listeners
  9. Proxmax

    DGT set-up problem. Buzz on lower frets

    i'd get the guitar to a plek service... they measure all the affecting points.
  10. Proxmax

    I just inserted a ceramic mag into a 59/09...

    did anyone get a A5 in the HFS? this could be interesting...
  11. Proxmax

    Mccarty Wide/Fat recarve to DGT neck?

    sure the ptc can recarve a new profile. i did that myself on my mcrosie - my #1 guitar now...
  12. Proxmax

    B String - ringing note continues after string muted

    easy trick: i glued a lil foam stripe on the cover inside of the trem cavern to damp the springs...
  13. Proxmax

    Which amp do you prefer with your DGT and why?

    don't matter what guitar, i take Diezel amps...
  14. Proxmax

    McCarty vs 408

    first try 5909s in your mccarty and decide later...
  15. Proxmax

    Polepieces out of alignment

    perfect spacing with Haeussel pups....
  16. Proxmax

    Flames! Lets see them

    ok then....
  17. Proxmax

    how much does your adjustable bridge weight?

    so, my adjustable bridge weights 103 gramms. this is the answer from the PTC: "Thanks for contacting PRS Guitars. The adjustable bridge is made from aluminum and zinc. The saddles are brass, the screws are brass, the springs are steel and the intonation screws are black oxide coated steel. "
  18. Proxmax

    Some that sadly went away. Lets see yours.

    how long did it take? how did you store it? still looks good - killer top!
  19. Proxmax

    Some that sadly went away. Lets see yours.

    what year is it? my cu22 from 1998 had a really fat neck as well and the FB edges were very sharp. it had to go...