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  1. fender1punk

    Probably know what answer I'll get here, but Vela or Tele?

    Congrats on the incoming Vela. Love my Tele. My Baja is my go to for songwriting. It stands proudly on stage next to my Standard 24 as well. I'm intrigued by the Vela, but I think I've bought my last guitar for quite a while.
  2. fender1punk

    Tone in my head.

    I finally found the perfect compliment to my Standard 24. For some reason with my other rigs, it always sounded so lifeless. My SE's and my S2 were screamers through my Mesa and Marshall amps, but didn't have the same neck feel. I was ready to give up and pull the pickups when I tried pairing it...
  3. fender1punk

    S2 Starla pickup swap

    Never heard of Lambertones until now. Definitely going to start binging YouTube videos. Didn’t think to go antiquities. Also doing to check them out. I may even leave it alone and grab an SE version as my guinea pig/ test mule for pickups.
  4. fender1punk

    S2 Starla pickup swap

    I'm a huge fan of the S2 Starla, but the pickups aren't really playing nicely with my rig. My other PRS guitars and my F type guitars all sing, but the Starla sounds like a guard dog barking. Has anyone swapped out their pickups? I was leaning toward Bare Knuckle Mules or Stormy Mondays, but I'm...
  5. fender1punk

    2017 Santana SE Yellow

    Congrats! That pic is making me seriously want to test if my credit card can actually spontaneously combust with another guitar purchase so soon.
  6. fender1punk


    Wow! What a beauty. Congrats.
  7. fender1punk

    S2 raised cavity covers vs. Core flat covers

    Update: the parts caster has a backplate. My Am St is strangely missing hers. Suspect children with too much freedom. My Core is intact, resting comfortably in spite of all the battle scars.
  8. fender1punk

    S2 raised cavity covers vs. Core flat covers

    I'm not sure I ever gave the backplate on any of my guitars more than a passing glance, except to see what color it was. Or if I put it on upside down. I'm going to have to do some serious research when I get home today. Come to think of it, I don't think I ever put the one back on my parts caster.
  9. fender1punk

    This is hurting my head.

    More colors! 2019 Paul Reed Smith PRS S2 Singlecut Powder Blue Crackle 2019 PRS S2 Singlecut Green Crackle...
  10. fender1punk

    This is hurting my head.

    2019 Paul Reed Smith PRS S2 Singlecut Gold Crackle Custom Color I can't tell if I want one because it's the UGLIEST thing I've ever seen, or the coolest.
  11. fender1punk

    Little Worried about Paul's Guitar SE

    My only concern is which one of my stable will have to be let go in order to make room. Seriously looking forward to when i can nab one for myself.
  12. fender1punk

    When you go Out to practice w Others--What do you take?

    Marshall Origin 20, or modded Blues Jr. S2 Starla and either a Baja Tele, or Am. Std. Strat. Mini pedalboard. Budda Wah.
  13. fender1punk

    What was Your 1st PRS?

    SE custom 24, vintage sunburst, back when they still had toggle switches.
  14. fender1punk

    what's your favorite signature model?

    It was really close between my Bernie and my ZM.
  15. fender1punk

    Amyone elses #1 a simple S2?

    Definitely my S2 Starla. Stays in tune no matter how hard i abuse the bigsby. Couple of pedals and i can approximate my Tele. Good enough to not switch them on stage. And my Bernie is my Starla's backup.
  16. fender1punk

    NGD - 2019 SE Paul's Guitar - Amber

    Very nice. Congratulations
  17. fender1punk

    Certainly Not Something You See Often.

    Looks great. LOOOVE Bigsbys. Never able to get my Starla out of tune. Gretschs go out of tune because the stupid bridge isn't pinned in place and it moves when you use the bar. (In my experience). Out of my price range.
  18. fender1punk

    Impending NGD-S2 Standard 24!

    Purdy! Congrats
  19. fender1punk

    Emerson pre wired kits

    Ordering one.