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  1. Nodnarb1977

    Dragon II Pickups - What do you think of them

    Dragon IIs are fantastic in my experience!!! For me, they are a great blend between vintage and modern ‘bucker tone. I feel like McCarty pickups are okay, but to me they’re kind of a snooze. Comparatively, Dragon IIs have a nice bit of extra “umph” that gets me where I like to be.
  2. Nodnarb1977

    And he always plays Smoke on the Water or Stairway

    He (and all his buddies) came into the guitar store I used to work at regularly. I think I remember his name, even!
  3. Nodnarb1977

    Starting a PRS Collection ...

    These are the real facts. Everyone feels a bit different about the different neck/pickup/bridge/scale length/22 vs 24 fret/solid vs semi-hollow details. It is hard to know for sure how you feel about different configurations until you “live” the experience. I know what I like so far, but I’m...
  4. Nodnarb1977

    NUBD - New (Used) Bass Day - Gary Grainger 4 string, Fire Red (Burst?)

    Cool! It looks awfully nice. I’d love to try one of them in person. Unfortunately, I’ve not had the chance to quite yet.
  5. Nodnarb1977

    Anyone switch to SS Amps over the years??

    I’ve just fallen head-over-heals for my Neural DSP into my “big monitor” set-up, which is a Crown K-2 through old JBL L100 speakers. It’s the first modeling anything I’ve bought since a Line 6 ages ago. It was worth the wait - this kind of tech has finally arrived, IMO. If I did solid state...
  6. Nodnarb1977

    Core 35th Anniversary - PRS pickup swap options?

    This is good to know. Thanks for clearing that up.
  7. Nodnarb1977

    Core 35th Anniversary - PRS pickup swap options?

    Yes… the 59/09s are tempting. My wheels are turning, for sure.
  8. Nodnarb1977

    Core 35th Anniversary - PRS pickup swap options?

    Thanks for the info! I’m trying to “make nice” with these 85/15s. They are growing on me, but I don’t love them wholeheartedly yet. I think they sound delightfully clear, but border on sterile. Good to know I potentially could change it up, but sounds like it might be a downgrade. I’m not...
  9. Nodnarb1977

    Core 35th Anniversary - PRS pickup swap options?

    I have a Core 35th Anniversary and am considering other pickup options. If I were to select PRS pickups, what ones are compatible with the 24/08 style wiring? Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge!
  10. Nodnarb1977

    Dragon 2000 pickups. Huh?

    I am trying to address a wiring concern in my McCarty and I see these pickups inside. I only know they’re not original. The neck pickup sounds good, but I think the way the bridge pickup is wired isn’t quite right. It sounds extra thin. They appear to be two conductor pickups, which seems...
  11. Nodnarb1977

    Let’s see your PRS family Photos!

    Thanks! Ya know, it’s funny you say that. It’s my favorite too. But, I do think color is fun too… sheesh, who am I kidding? I like most all of them.
  12. Nodnarb1977

    Let’s see your PRS family Photos!

    Here are my PRS rock n’ roll devices: ‘20 CU 24 35th Anniversary, River Blue ‘00 McCarty w/Brazilian RW neck, Natural ‘10 CU 24 w/ IRW neck+BRW fingerboard, Purple Fade ‘02 CU 24, Natural ‘20 CU 24 35th Anniversary, Emerald Green
  13. Nodnarb1977

    NGD: My first Private Stock, SSH in faded pomegranate

    Super foxy guitar!!! The one piece top is choice. Congrats!
  14. Nodnarb1977

    Artist II from the mid 90’s - tell me what you know…

    So, as my interest in different PRS guitars grows, I’ve come to find I really like the aesthetics of the Artist II series. Extra classy, yet not as “sparkly” as the Artist III. I dig it. However, I am led to believe they all were semi/hollow or chambered of sorts. Is this an awesome thing for...
  15. Nodnarb1977

    NGD: 35th Anny Custom 24

    They were offered with Pattern or Pattern Thin. Great looking guitar!!!
  16. Nodnarb1977

    Nickel parts for US Custom 24 35th Anny

    Thanks for the feedback, gents! Yeah, I can’t leave some things well enough alone. However, I’m always jazzed when I’ve done these kinds of little things to a guitar that matter to no one else but me!
  17. Nodnarb1977

    Nickel parts for US Custom 24 35th Anny

    Hello! Long time reader, first time poster. I’ve got a lovely US made Custom 24 35th Anny with a 10 top. That’s fantastic in and of itself, but I don’t care for the hybrid hardware. I’ve sourced what I can find so far, but the following nickel items elude me. 3 way selector switch ring Mini...