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  1. SunDog

    Classic Headstock Vs. Santana headstock

    When I first noticed PRS guitars - the headstock was kind of off putting - mainly because it reminded me of the Guild X-79 Skyhawk that floated around MTV in the early to mid 80s...
  2. SunDog

    Opinions on the Mira?

    Four months in on the Mira - still digging it. Still my number one stage guitar. Still the one I want to play above all others that I own. Zero G.A.S.
  3. SunDog

    PRS/Fralin Domino output ques.tion

    Can't help a lot other than I have found the dominos to be essentially useless in my EG2. I play in a rock cover band and just cannot find a place for these. They just dont seem to lend themselves well to the songs. My bridge pickup is a Fralin Unbucker in that guitar. I like it a lot...
  4. SunDog


    If you come across a Levy's No. 1 Stretch Strap - give it a try. It is litterally a stretchy strap tha is very comfy to play. The stretchy characteristic allows you to move the neck up and down - without rotating the whole guitar around your body. Never thought that would appeal to me - but...
  5. SunDog

    An introduction, a long post, and the Mira

    I picked up a 2010 Mint Green Mira WT a few months ago at a price that was insanely low. I am a second bannana guitarist/lead vocalist in a cover band that covers 6 decades of rock music. The Mira is the first guitar that I've owned that I felt did a great job on every song in the set (as long...
  6. SunDog

    Opinions on the Mira?

    New Mira user here. Picked up a Minty Green '10 about two months ago for super cheap. Absolutely no way to turn down the deal. Like Dave M, I play second guitar - and do lead vox in a cover band. We gig regularly around Knoxville - and my stage guitars historically over the last two years...
  7. SunDog

    New Guy

    Hi Everybody, I am John - and am a regular contributor on another PRS enthusiast forum. I typically only post when I have something to contribute - so you probably won't hear much out of me. When you do, here is the frame of reference from which I post: I am a performing musician -...