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  1. iahawk36

    NGD Private Stock #8766

    That is really cool!
  2. iahawk36

    Tim Pierce is a MONSTER

    Tim is incredible! I was lucky enough to get to say hi and chat with him at a PRS Experience one year (don't remember exactly which year). He was gracious, humble, and super easy to chat with and obviously his knowledge and skill are astounding.
  3. iahawk36

    Question: DGT Tobacco Sunburst

    Good call! I forgot about the all black!
  4. iahawk36

    Question: DGT Tobacco Sunburst

    The original run of 2008 DGTs only came in goldtop, cherry sunburst, or tobacco sunburst, if I recall correctly. The "McCarty" burst wasn't offered on it until quite a few years later. Congrats on the new addition! Those early DGTs have some extra mojo, IMHO.
  5. iahawk36

    NGD. Roses are red… I mean brown

    LOVE that top, Pfennrock! Congrats!!
  6. iahawk36

    I've Got An Itch (Vol 4)

    If 53/10s are going for $1500 a set, I'm putting my set of first editions up for sale today!!
  7. iahawk36

    Forum Contest: Win A Santana! (Sign up thread)

    It will be a legendary battle, but I feel confident that I'll come out on top!!
  8. iahawk36

    Not just another pretty face

  9. iahawk36

    P&W guitars

    I played a 305 and a PRS Studio a LOT when playing P&W for many years. The Studio model is a super versatile model, and I loved the neck pup.
  10. iahawk36

    Reminding Me Why I'm Here

    JasonE - man, I know exactly what you mean. It is SO hard to overcome and honestly, I'm still not there. My only advice....don't give up, it WILL come back, and it WILL get better. Take a break when you need it, find someone who inspires you and watch the article Dave Weiner...
  11. iahawk36

    Reminding Me Why I'm Here

    He was out of town Saturday, but Andy Wood is the other guitar player in the band and he is killer as well. It was a fantastic show!!
  12. iahawk36

    Reminding Me Why I'm Here

    Like many people here, the past couple years hit me hard, as I'm sure it did many. I lost my job in early 2020, and got lost in a depression for quite a while. Guitars sat in their cases for months, and then years...mostly forgotten as I tried to figure out what was next. Once I came out the...
  13. iahawk36

    NGD: Successful Hunt

    I miss these dudes in a bad way....can't wait to see them soon!
  14. iahawk36

    Grand Old Dame

    That is in my top 3 of Private Stocks I've ever sounds and feels incredible! So glad to know where that one landed.
  15. iahawk36

    NGD: Lucky 13

    Does this mean you're headed back stateside?!
  16. iahawk36

    Old friend revisited

    That top is incredible!! Love that one Pfennrock!!
  17. iahawk36

    NGD: Lucky 13

    VERY jealous Hans!! Congrats muh man!!
  18. iahawk36

    Once upon a time, sort of long ago

    LOVE that one!!
  19. iahawk36

    New Korina Guitar Day

    Even better! Can't wait for you to sell it to me. ;)