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    New Amp Day: HXDA and 212 Cab

    I agree. I’m finding a lot of tones with my Silver Sky that are just killer,
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    Silversky noisy - ground problem likely

    Im having the same issue on my silver sky. The hum changes tonality based on the pickup selection. It’s a lot noisier than my other single coil guitars.
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    New Amp Day: HXDA and 212 Cab

    I’m not exactly sure if it’s the same PF-09 nitro, but it is satin nitro that feels similar/the same to the 53/10’s I’ve handled in the past.
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    New Amp Day: HXDA and 212 Cab

    Its as close to new as a 12 year old guitar can get, and I play it just about every day. It's just a good one I suppose!
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    New Amp Day: HXDA and 212 Cab

    I recently picked up this outstanding HX/DA 30 head and 212 cab set that goes perfectly with my 59/09. This is the second HX/DA I’ve owned, the first being a 112 combo. Very happy so far!
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    I should have known better

    I agree on the PRS handwired amps being in another league from the Mesa amplifiers. I had a 30 watt HX/DA combo a few years ago and now a NOS 30 watt HX/DA head on the UPS truck out for delivery tomorrow!
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    I should have known better

    I purchased a brand new Fillmore a few months ago that promptly went back to Mesa for warranty work with defective parts. The dealer ended up swapping it for another amp from a different brand all together. This was the second Fillmore I had with issues. Unfortunately I think I'm done with Mesa.
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    New McCarty Issues

    Its great that your experience has been trouble free. There are many accounts of issues that would never have happened in the past creeping up. I'll speak to just my own to be fair... I have personally seen; Poor setups from the factory Significant "binding" bleed on the sides of the body...
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    New McCarty Issues

    PRS QC isn't what it used to be.
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    Rationale for nitro over cellulose vs. poly?

    You’re wrong. The primary purpose of a finish isn’t durability and hardness. If that were the case we should just encase the instruments in concrete. I’m sorry for “employing hyperbole”, but it’s only to demonstrate the wrongness of your opinion.
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    NGD: McCarty 594 Hollowbody Artist

    I have been looking at a number of different Hollowbody options from custom shop 335’s to private stock’s. This recently showed up at my favorite local dealer and I was immediately intrigued. It was ordered back in 2019 by the dealer and just arrived. It’s a stunning natural finish Artist...
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    Dead spots on CU24 guitars

    It’s not just Custom 24’s. Every guitar has some sort of variation on this theme. SG’s are particularly bad. Often in the conversation people will say it’s bad fretwork or in need of a setup. It’s not. It’s just part of the instrument, a sympathetic vibration that deadens the note.
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    Silver Sky-Why you love it

    I love mine for the tone. It’s the single coil sound I’ve always had in my head, but could never get from Fender or Suhr or Tyler. I also love it for the neck. It’s an excellent shape and the nitro feels great. The 7.25” radius is perfect. It’s a very “vintage” feeling neck and that appeals to...
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    Silver Sky Body Seam Issue

    Thanks! It’s a 2019 with what I assume is poly finish left over from my local dealer. I love the guitar despite some of the finish quirks. Just concerned about structural integrity.
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    Silver Sky Body Seam Issue

    Hello, I recently purchased a Silver Sky in Tungsten and one of the body seams is quite apparent in the light and can be felt with a finger. See the photo below, the pick is pointing out the seam and you can see how the window frame reflection is bisected by it. Is this going to be a...
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    Silver Sky-Why you love it

    Well, perhaps you don’t like John Meyer, but you should really check out John Mayer. His Continuum album is great, but Born and Raised, Paradise Valley and TSFE are pretty spectacular too.
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    Two identical hang tags with different dates for new PRS Studio

    Perhaps it was completed in 2020, but then held back for some reason. To go back through finishing or something and then issued a second card upon its second completion.
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    Silver Sky Changes

    Hello! Without looking through all of the nearly 200 pages of the official Silver Sky thread could someone please note the changes on the Rosewood Silver Sky model from 2018 to present. Things like neck shape etc. and the year of the change. I know there are new colors released, but more so the...
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    2020 Silver Sky QC issues

    As much as I love PRS guitars the QC has seemed slip as production has increased. I think they’re struggling to keep up with demand and have added additional shifts/new staff and that always comes with pains.