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  1. Mystic38

    I wish dealers would post better

    I would be happy with them actually being honest about the defects on used gear.. setting false expectations and then getting mad with customers who reasonably do not think "mint" includes a dent and chipped paint on a guitar body, or a truss rod that doesn't work or etc etc..
  2. Mystic38

    1994 PRS CE 22 - Dragon 1 swap or sell

    This was the "i know nothing" that sprang to my mind as well!!.. was just to lazy to find the clip!
  3. Mystic38

    1994 PRS CE 22 - Dragon 1 swap or sell

    OP: This will sound harsh.. but bear with me.. There is NOTHING that you can do to this guitar that will make it sound like a Les Paul.. There is no pickup swap, wiring or anything else that will get close.. Other than being an electric guitar there are no similarities in construction that...
  4. Mystic38

    First time PRS guitar purchase and looking for some help in which to consider!

    keep it. you have a guitar for metal and you wanted something more straight "rock" and so, imo, you got the best that PRS has in that category ... a 594.
  5. Mystic38

    Trying Hard to Like the HDRX20

    the number is 10, or 11 if you have seen Spinal Tap!
  6. Mystic38

    Trying Hard to Like the HDRX20

    in my case I have the Boss Waza TAE.. Quite frankly i never knew my Orange AD30 could sound quite so fabulous.. and for the first time i heard that the DRRI actually has a overdrive tone! to me its just a perfect clean amp.
  7. Mystic38

    Trying Hard to Like the HDRX20

    This is a pretty categoric statement. FWIW, there is an entire class of amps that rely on power tube distortion to get their core tone. These amps are designed to be run with master setting at 10 (if they even have a master volume). This is one such amp, along with a host of early NMV amps. FX...
  8. Mystic38

    Trying Hard to Like the HDRX20

    another VM owner here...just to say that the phrase "The Vintage Modern is lacking in the bass" said nobody ever... lol The 100W head into the matching 425a cab with the Marshall Custom G12c (Hendrix) speakers is simply phenomenal.. simultaneously deafening mind you, but phenomenal.
  9. Mystic38

    Used core guitars

    Well, I am with you there.. I have $5k PRS, $4k & $3k LP's, $3k Gretsch, 4 USA Strats and the #1 played guitar? ...a $400 G&L Asat Classic Tribute with an Olympic White body swap (from Vintage Natural) ... but am i selling the others?.. lol, probably not.
  10. Mystic38

    Gretsch feel

    Yes indeed, sorry. Double cut and the 594 has the pattern vintage neck, a neck that is good enough (for me) to never comment upon or think about. You may well find that the "easier to play" is more to do with the scale length?.. for sure with the same gauge strings fretting reach and pressure...
  11. Mystic38

    Gretsch feel

    I have a G6609TFM and a 594DC.. the necks are similar enough I simply do not think about it (neck) when i change guitar..
  12. Mystic38

    Why the 594?

    I also have both and my take is identical to yours.. PRS "more polite" less "FU" rock and the natural SC splits are very useful when you need a strat neck tone for a song. My 2012 LP also has splits but they are "p90'ish" sound vs "SC'ish" sound of the 594..swings and roundabouts
  13. Mystic38

    SE McCarty 594 vs S2 McCarty 594…worth the price difference?

    I would say that if you one of the limited finish options on the SE then go for it. I really suspect that there is minimal overall quality difference and the SE does have a carved top more similar to the core. I have been interested in adding a SC version but tbh the difference in the top carve...
  14. Mystic38

    Orange Tiger Smoke burst vs. Black Gold Burst finishes?

    very different < Orange TIger
  15. Mystic38

    Why Did You Chose a PRS Over a Fender Tele or Strat ?

    Why did I pick a PRS over a Strat or a Tele?.. I didn't and I won't.. sorry, but IMO knockoffs (silver sky) are tacky business practices. If you need to steal somebody else designs you lack ethics. Why did I pick a PRS over a LP?.. I didn't and I won't. I have a core 594 and it won't and...
  16. Mystic38

    Seeking Armchair Legal Advice!

    Jelly Fish Jam not equal to Jellyfish Jam I stayed at a holiday in Express last night so this clearly is right.. you are also not a song, nor a sponge.. you are a band so theres that
  17. Mystic38

    What is your blues pedal in PRS

    I am very surprised that the answer to "what drive pedal" is not " "on what amp" the choice of amp makes one drive awesome and another one meh.. regardless of the character of drive/distortion The OCD has its own thing going on.. a TS9 has a midrange hump at 1khz, which is pretty common...
  18. Mystic38

    How can I make my PRS SE sound more like a Les Paul?

    It is what it is.. the number of guitarists that became famous with Gibson and Fender guitars just dwarfs the rest of the manufacturers by orders of magnitude. Both companies have earned a place in history, some other just make nice guitars.
  19. Mystic38

    How can I make my PRS SE sound more like a Les Paul?

    Well i suspect you are swimming uphill.. Paul often says "everything affects tone" .. so yes it must. Or, just lets be logical.. the headstock angle makes the guitar prone to breakage if you let it fall over.. so do you really think a manf. would just keep it like that for absolutely no reason...
  20. Mystic38

    SE McCarty follow up : (

    I am not dissing on the 594.. I actually own one (see <<)., and I also own a 2012 LP Standard, and a 2004 LP DC Standard. It's just that I like the 594 for what it is, not what it isn't. Simply saying that if you are looking for an LP sound, this is just not the guitar and you will ultimately be...