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  1. Mark 10top

    If you could change one thing about a PRS you own, what would it be?

    I have a 2016 McCarty 10 top, first thing I changed was the wraparound posts to brass locking posts. The next thing I did was put copper shielding in the control cavity. The next thing I did was change to 2 push/push pots so now I can split each pickup individually. I seriously think all these...
  2. Mark 10top

    Might Want To Avoid

    Bought an ESP LTD 1000 Koa on Reverb as being new, it wasn't. It was a demo model, who knows how many different players used it. It was listed as new because Reverb allows dealers to list demo as new. Not too thrilled with Reverb rules.
  3. Mark 10top

    Anybody like Gibson?

    I was told to save time that is how Gibso relics.
  4. Mark 10top

    1 piece tops: Why do you like them?

    A recent build not completed yet
  5. Mark 10top

    Push/Push Blender Pot

    Fralin has push pull blender not push push blender
  6. Mark 10top

    Push/Push Blender Pot

    Hi all, was wondering if anyone has seen a push/push blender pot. Have 2 guitars with push/pull blenders
  7. Mark 10top

    SE Mods

    Original mounting screws need to be replaced with the ones Gotoh included with trem. Original screw holes work fine.
  8. Mark 10top

    Push/pull in a Santana

    I pull out both pots on my 2016 McCarty and put in 2 push push for an independent coil split. Love to have a little more variety available.
  9. Mark 10top

    Metal issue

    Yeah Rory Gallagher sweat would peel paint, I think the US Navy wanted to bottle it for repainting battle ships.
  10. Mark 10top

    Metal issue

    All 13 of my guitars are stored in skb i-series cases. They are waterproof, just really expensive. I put a Taylor T5z with a D'Addario Humidipak in a i-series last March, the Humidipak is still good. Great cases but a wee bit expensive.
  11. Mark 10top

    McCarty 594, pickups and tone chasing; 5 pickups in 5 days

    the SD Pearly G with the matt black cover has no markings. I have one in my SE semi hollow bridge with a black open Saturday Night special in neck position. That has markings.
  12. Mark 10top

    This is what crazy wood collectors do.

    Always thought it should have been Star Trek "Captains log freshly pinched"
  13. Mark 10top

    Advice for my guitar kit build

    I know you already bought the tuners but hipshot makes longer tuners and they are great at helping people out. If you can wait the time for the shipping most likely you can give them a call and have the longer ones sent and send in the ones you have and they will refund the money on the returned...
  14. Mark 10top

    What are the best locking tuners to replace the PRS SE Mark Holcomb stock tuners?

    Hipshot are made in Korea. Hipshot are good tuners but the normal set sometimes the 19mm bushings are too short to use with the Ump plate. The guy at Hipshot will send the longer bushings for free, just need to call. Gotoh including the screws fit exactly as long as you buy the correct angle.
  15. Mark 10top

    Stupid question time...

    I have a custom Strat with a Seymour Duncan P-Rail in the Bridge position. It splits into a Rail (fenderish) and a P90. Can be done with a Duncan splitter ring or two push pull pots. Just be careful with the ring. They can be installed once then fall apart if you try to reinstall
  16. Mark 10top

    FedEx Strikes Again!!! :(

    I have had bad deliveries from both FedEx and UPS (more so from FedEx). You can receive a box that is doubled up, open it up and find damage. The box can be doubled up because the shipper didn't want you to see the damage they did to the original box and have you scream at the delivery person...
  17. Mark 10top

    Suggestions for pickups similar to 58/15 LT+

    try looking at sheptone, very nice pickups for around $140. Also Porter are very nice at about the same price. The next guitar I build I'm putting Monty's Humbuckers into it, phenomenal sound.
  18. Mark 10top

    Coil Split: SE Paul’s Guitar vs S2 McCarty 594

    I split my coils with putting a cap in. I tried the resistor method and didn't like it. For the neck I run the between coils connector wires thru a .01 mfd (don't want too much bass) and the same for the bridge except I use a .02 mfd. Have changed all my guitars to independent coil splits...
  19. Mark 10top

    Why the 85/15 S hate?

    I now have (3)SE's (1) McCarty 10 top and (1) chRS. SE's are (2) exotic tops, (1)rosewood (1)ziricote and (1) semi-hollow. Guess what PU's were in all 3. Surprise 85/15s. Currently have 1 SE with original PU's. Funny how all 3 sound completely different now. I bought 2 ESP 1000's last year...
  20. Mark 10top

    SE Mods

    it's a little over sized on the body to make sure there was enough vinyl to be a full bleed when I trimmed it off but the poles are exactly where they belong and the size of the poles is correct