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  1. FenianEMT

    Unofficial Reclaimed Limited Thread

    Yesterday was NGD on my Vela. I know, pics or it didn't happen. But I don't have any yet. I'll try to get some over the weekend. It's a pretty uniformly colored top, which is mildly disappointing (I really love the streaky tops in many of the pictures), but I'll live with that because it's still...
  2. FenianEMT

    Have you guys seen the Reclaimed CE and Semi Hollow Vela?

    Right there with ya, brother! Well, yeah, but it's a PRS. We know it's going to feel, play, and sound great (and that if there is anything wrong, they'll take care of us)!
  3. FenianEMT

    Have you guys seen the Reclaimed CE and Semi Hollow Vela?

    It almost looks quilted!
  4. FenianEMT

    A question about the Reclaimed Wood Limited Series

    If memory serves, one of the key differences between the S2 line and the Core line (outside of a few parts being manufactured outside of the U.S. on the S2 line) is how the necks are made. The Core necks are carved from a single piece of wood. The S2 necks are made from three pieces. This allows...
  5. FenianEMT

    57/08s are now available aftermarket...

  6. FenianEMT

    Have you guys seen the Reclaimed CE and Semi Hollow Vela?

    You can tell @[email protected] is doing his job well because it's not even 8am and I'm already jonesning for my next Peroba Rosa hit. The good news is that my Vela may be arriving at the dealer today! Now I just need to find enough to occupy me at work so I don't go insane waiting to leave and pick it up.
  7. FenianEMT

    Have you guys seen the Reclaimed CE and Semi Hollow Vela?

    That's exactly what I thought when I saw that pic!
  8. FenianEMT

    Unofficial Reclaimed Limited Thread

    Whoa! That's gorgeous! I really hope my Vela has a top like that one!
  9. FenianEMT

    Have you guys seen the Reclaimed CE and Semi Hollow Vela?

    I ordered mine from Ryan too. I ordered yesterday at about 6:15pm, and I was the second Vela and fourth overall (two CEs) order he had for the reclaimed wood line. He'd been told he'd be getting them in within a couple of weeks. I can't wait for my NGD! (And now I need to find somebody to buy my...
  10. FenianEMT

    Have you guys seen the Reclaimed CE and Semi Hollow Vela?

    Holy crap! I may need to see what it would cost to trade in my normal Vela for one of these!
  11. FenianEMT

    The Official "McCarty 594" Love Thread!!

    Wow! Pete, I just caught up on this thread, and your newest PS may be my #1 favorite electric guitar that I've ever seen. Now I just need to figure out how I can afford to spec a clone of it!
  12. FenianEMT


    It's nicer outside! We demand pics! :D Also, wow! That's gorgeous! Congrats!
  13. FenianEMT

    2017 line up!

    Since it seems like 594 may be replacing 245 as the preferred shorter scale length, I wonder whether we'll see P594/SH models released at some point in the future. Working on a piezo version of the two-piece bridge might explain the delay. Of course, that's nothing but wild speculation.
  14. FenianEMT

    2016 Experience Photo & Gossip Thread

    McCarty Tobacco Sunburst. Here's a better picture (from my NGD thread): It's funny...I have a McCarty Tobacco Sunburst S2 Vela, but I didn't recognize the color at first on the 594. It looks totally different on maple than on mahogany. Both are gorgeous, though!
  15. FenianEMT

    Trouble with New Custom 50

    I really don't think you're going to regret it!
  16. FenianEMT

    Trouble with New Custom 50

    Just an update in case anybody is interested in the outcome: I took the amp to PRS last Wednesday morning, and left an hour later with everything working perfectly. They didn't let me watch what they did, but that's okay. They replaced the reverb tank and the foot switch. The reverb works just...
  17. FenianEMT

    Experience NGD - McCarty content

    Beautiful! Congrats!
  18. FenianEMT

    NGD & NAD - Experience

    The biggest problem I have with this setup (and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person on this forum who might have this problem) is that it tends to interrupt my practice. I'll play for a bit, and then set the guitar flat on my lap and just stare into the figure on the top. It's mesmerizing.
  19. FenianEMT

    NGD & NAD - Experience

    I was thinking about how to reply, and my thought process went something like this: I couldn't be happier with the result! Well...I suppose I'd be happier if I didn't have to take the amp in for repair right away. Actually, would I? Do I actually mind an excuse to go back to the Chocolate...
  20. FenianEMT

    New Experience Guitar Day

    Wow! That's an absolutely gorgeous top! HNGD!