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  1. shboom

    These Thin Mints must be deferctive

    Avoid those big mints you find in the washroom. :o
  2. shboom

    Any jam night commando's?

    Definitely!! And for crying out loud, tune 440 like the rest of the world. I took in a jam last night. There's 3 hours I'll never get back. And ..... if you're gonna run the jam, calling yourself an experienced player, here's a word of advice. There's only 8 notes in a scale and 12 notes in an...
  3. shboom

    Pedals - Need Recommendations

    Instead of a pedal, have you ever thought of Top-Wrapping. I've done this with my Mira, and 2 SG's, and the sustain is remarkable. Check it out here: Why use a pedal when the guitar can do it...
  4. shboom

    Anyone know how to create company logo?

    Send me your idea or concept. I just retired after 20 years of computer graphics and design. No charge. I just do it for shits and giggles. I help out a lot of my friends when they need something. Maybe I can help you.
  5. shboom

    Let's talk about Beer, man!

    This beer is Terrible ..... Literally. ...but Incredible !!
  6. shboom


    I'm now using primarily RotoSound 9's on my Mira 24 (9-11-16-24-32-42) 10's on my SG's and Tele. Best I've ever played.
  7. shboom

    New player help needed

    Two quick questions: Do you know how to tune your guitar? Are you able to hear a simple Major scale (doh to doh) in your head? This is not meant to come across as a demeaning question, but if you can hear a straight forward Major scale, in your head, (all 8 notes), there is not a chord you...
  8. shboom

    Freakin BOTS!!!

    Unbelievable!!! I've seen less crap in an outhouse. Hope a solution is found soon. I know you're trying. These dorks need to get a life!
  9. shboom

    PRS vs Telecaster

    Have to agree with VHTStark. My go-to axe is my Mira 24 ....but...I still use my U.S. Standard blonde Tele with twin single coils when I need to. Like the man said "....I haven't played a PRS that could really copy the snap and attack of a Tele...." That pretty much sums it up for me.
  10. shboom

    Spare guitars to gigs?

    Oh Yeah. I alsways bring a spare. Usually my SG. I've got it down to about less than 5 seconds to throw on another guitar, if a string decides to take the night off. :D
  11. shboom

    Guitar tuner?

    I use the tuner with my GT-8. Never had any issues with it. I will say, I once owned the Digitech RP200 and the tuner was absolutely horrible (all over the map & would never lock in). My GT-8 is clean, and accurate. I can depend on it without question.
  12. shboom

    Lots of first

    Nice Axe!! Sweet Ride!! Welcome to the World of PRS
  13. shboom

    Anyone play other instruments besides guitar?

    Drums were my first instrument (age 8) I'm now currently playing with 2 bands. Playing rhythm and keyboards with one. Plying lead and keyboards in the other. I also handle harmonica and banjo duties. The downside is that I bring the most equipment to gigs. I'd love to walk in with an amp and my...
  14. shboom

    Multi-guitar band, cant hear self, turn down or up?

    Just a few questions / points... 1. Monitors? Are you getting a balanced feed? We use in-ears and it's definitely the way to go. I use only one, leaving my left ear to pick up ambiant stage sound. We also have a dedicated soundman whom we trust, and his results have been proven in the recordings...
  15. shboom

    Gibson player looking at possibly getting a PRS sometime this year

    William I too made the shift. In my case from Fender, to Gibson, to PRS. You definitely can't go wrong with the DGT. Sweet ride, great feel. My move was to the Mira CE24, but a Reed is a Reed and it'll make you want to play more, improve your confidence level, and open you up to a wide tonal...
  16. shboom

    Small amp stand?

    I've actually used my Fender brand Acoustic guitar stand to hold my fender 112. Never had a problem, Very sturdy, no wobble or weakness. The 112 is 40 lbs., and the weight is distributed pretty evenly. Folds up nice and compact. It's gotta be heavier than whatever 10" amp you're looking to use...
  17. shboom

    where is the fizz coming from??

    If you've got a dimmer light switch, that can cause problems, along with Wardog's suggestion about fluorescent lighting. Hope you solve the problem.
  18. shboom

    Who's Crying Now - Lexington Lab Band

    Really great job on that Journey song. Very tight band. Great vocal blends, excellent lead vocals, and guitar work. Everything...keyboards, guitar, bass, percussion...tight as a drum (no pun intended)
  19. shboom

    Dunlop straplok

    I put Schaller Strap Locks on my Mira. Used the original screws from the strap pins, but added a couple of ends from some toothpicks (slightly shorter than the length of the original screws) in the original holes. I used the flat toothpicks, not the round ones. The reason for the toothpicks was...
  20. shboom

    Interesting Nite

    I'm currently in two working cover bands. Here's a partial songlist from BACKBEAT Here's a partial songlist from CONSENTING ADULTS Both bands are very different, but both are working fairly...