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  1. WiredGuitarist

    Best PRS Dealers?

    *whistles* But yeah, everyone mentioned is solid. Brian has a great rep and always maintains a huge inventory.
  2. WiredGuitarist

    Unique CU24: Purple Charcoal Burst!

    BUMP! Buy this so I can splurge on moar CU24s for the shop. :)
  3. WiredGuitarist

    Unique CU24: Purple Charcoal Burst!

    Awesome! We are reshooting this guitar as well soon as I don't like how the pictures turned out. Will post the new shots here once they are in.
  4. WiredGuitarist

    That NOS Tube Difference!

    It will be interesting to see what happens to the quality of tubes used for musical applications moving forward as the market keeps shrinking. I'm actually a little paranoid and stocked up on most major tube types a few years ago jusssst in-case...
  5. WiredGuitarist

    Have you guys seen the Reclaimed CE and Semi Hollow Vela?

    As a dealer, I regret not ordering a ton of these. I was shocked by how many people called in asking for them! I found out a little late about them too as my business partner is the one that gets the emails from PRS. I will never forgive him!
  6. WiredGuitarist

    Shawn's 15 Year Employee Guitar, Start To Finish

    Can't beat a good chunk of mahogany. Good spec choices! :D Also dibs.
  7. WiredGuitarist

    Unique CU24: Purple Charcoal Burst!

    This PRS not only features an awesome color you can't usually get on a normal CU24, but it also has a ridiculous top on it. Probably the best top on a PRS I've seen without a 10 top/artist/PS/etc... grade. More information and pricing is here...
  8. WiredGuitarist

    Emil Werstler's new project

    Emil is one of my all time favorite guitarists. The guy uses next to no gain for the style he plays and uses fairly high action for the genre which is (imo) why he sounds so damn good. Too many people play with super low action and then wonder why their guitars sound thin.
  9. WiredGuitarist

    PRS CU24 with Special Finish!

    Still here, somehow!
  10. WiredGuitarist

    CU24 Artist Package!

    Bump! Happy to do trades.
  11. WiredGuitarist

    PRS CU24 with Special Finish!

    Thank you sir!
  12. WiredGuitarist

    Ugh... it's tax day...

    Buying gear is a lot more tax-friendly for me. :D
  13. WiredGuitarist

    Action on CE24

    There should not be a difference in how low you can get the action really. I've had no issues with the CEs we have had come in.
  14. WiredGuitarist

    Did Paul Reed Smith ever build guitars for US Music Corp 1986 to 1989?

    I haven't heard of that before at all.