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  1. Frank McNerney

    Just landed at The Music Loft - Private Stock McCarty 594 Singlecut

    Great guitar. Very nice, Wonderful pictures. I don't mean to whine But this post belongs in Authorized PRS Dealers Not here
  2. Frank McNerney

    HB II w/Rosewood Neck.

    I agree that Reverb prices are way out of whack Generally I don't approve of or suggest lowball offers. (They are insulting). But nor do I approve of crazy high listing prices. (Also insulting) SO. - Having said that - if you think you really want it then IMO it's OK to make a low offer, see...
  3. Frank McNerney

    How do you store/manage all your music files?

    Spotify is Evil. (I'm just sayin)
  4. Frank McNerney


    I can’t play at all if I even think someone is listening Some people call it performance anxiety Some people call it “choking” I can’t argue either
  5. Frank McNerney

    Wonder how long today's guitar amps will last?

    Timely post for me I have a Roland blues cube that I love Or DId love until yesterday when the crunch channel quit After about 4 hours online and phone calls to everyone I know it seems I’m screwed To get it repaired would cost much more than it’s worth Never had a problem with a...
  6. Frank McNerney

    Anyone with Quilter experience

    A few nights ago I saw a guy playing jazz standards on a Quilter amp. (Clean tones, obviously). I'd never heard of them before but it sounded pretty good so I looked them up. I think it was a Micropro model. Aside from the great tones my other comment is the control panel is crazy busy...
  7. Frank McNerney

    OK Guys, Where do you shop for a PRS

    I need to say Avoid guitar center Don’t take my word for it Ask around
  8. Frank McNerney

    OK Guys, Where do you shop for a PRS

    I want a Westie
  9. Frank McNerney

    Santana Artist Package Owners

    I asked about this once and someone (I think Sergio) explained that they did that for a while. You can look that thread up if you care to
  10. Frank McNerney

    Santana Artist Package Owners

    I don't have a artist package but I have a Santana III. 2006 - if I remember correctly It only has one dot at 12. Took a bit of getting used to
  11. Frank McNerney

    Is Rock Dead?

    Duke Ellington Once said. "There's only two kinds of music; good and bad" If he doesn't know - who does ?
  12. Frank McNerney

    What great players use PRS hollowbodies

    I’m taking specifically about arch tops Hollow body I and II and 594 hb Not semihollows What great players do you know who play any of these Thanks
  13. Frank McNerney

    Monteleone makes PRS PS look like bargains

    I highly recommend the video on John "the chisels are calling".
  14. Frank McNerney

    Your Favorite Composers, All-Time, Any Genre.

    so many. but I was listening to Ralph Towner yesterday. he's up there. and Bach
  15. Frank McNerney

    My favorite PRS model

    SANTANA, Duh
  16. Frank McNerney

    Are you looking for Hansgrohe brand faucets and showers for the bathroom and kitchen?

    Are you looking for Hansgrohe brand faucets and showers for the bathroom and kitchen? Actually I'm not but let me ask you a question. - Do you know a man by the name of LaFong? Carl LaFong Capital L Small a Capital F Small o Samll n Small g LaFong, Carl LaFong
  17. Frank McNerney

    My Westy had its makeover!!

    Congratualtions. It's Beautiful. Whoever finished that did a great job of it ! I've been looking for a Westie for 4 or so years; been watching them get more expensive and less available. Thinking it might never happen. I really liked to plain Hog also - "look - it's a beautiful...
  18. Frank McNerney

    AMP GAS - It Is After Me!

    True that