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    The Guitar That, When All's Said And Done, Is 'Most You'.

    That keeps changing :) At the moment it is my PRS Custom. I replaced the pickups many times and now arrived at a DiMarzio Dominion Bridge in the bridge and a DiMarzio Breed Neck in the neck. These are it for this guitar. For years I hated the 5-way-rotary and finally replaced it with a...
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    Changing pickups without wasting strings? - PRS DGT SE

    I always do that -either loosen them if they are long enough, or with locking tuners, loosen the strings, unlock the tuners and pull them out. When done, pull them in, lock the tuners and retune. I also have a long wire which I solder to one of the pickup's connectors. Then I pull out the...
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    Anyone like the #7 pickups??

    The pair that came in my 2000 Single Cut are sitting in a box. The bridge pickup was ok but I hated the neck pickup. But I found I did not like any of the PAF type pickups in the neck position of this guitar as all sounded muddy. The only neck pickup I really liked in this guitar (and which is...
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    PRS Pedals - who's got the trio? (date-stamp Jan 2023)

    Interesting - I did not even notice the clean signal mixed in, even though that is something that always irritated me with the Tube Screamer and still does on all other pedals that have it. IMHO this feature is much more useful for bass.
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    Is a Tremolo (oops, a VIBRATO!) a must have for you?

    Must have - no. Nice to have - yes if it works as well as the PRS does. If it does not work I tighten the springs and use it as a hardtail.
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    We lost David Lindley today...

    I still remember the first time I heard "Running on Empty", thinking "what makes this slide guitar sound so smooth and singing?" only to find out later it was a lap steel. What a tone, what great playing. RIP David.
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    RIP - Gary Rossington

    RIP Gary.
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    PRS Listening?? - Long Pickup Legs don't fit! ):-(

    BTW - the Lollartron would also not fit in the neck cavity. I could not set it low enough to not touch the strings.
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    PRS Pedals - who's got the trio? (date-stamp Jan 2023)

    I had all three but kept only the Wind Through the Trees and the Mary Cries. Sent the Horsemeat back right away as I found it harsh. The more I turned up the gain, the harsher it got. The only way I kinda liked it was when I stacked it with a Mad Professor Simble but I still greatly prefer the...
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    Doing a first - Severly modding an S2 Standard with PIC!

    Digging out an old thread I know ... Did you finish your project, and if so, how did you like it? I put a set of Twangmasters in my 2000 Single Cut, which is a very warm sounding guitar with quite a bit low and low mid emphasis. Loved the neck pickup from the first note - super nice twang on...
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    Let's talk treble bleeds... (DGT)

    I find that very rarely I use the same combination of treble bleeds in different guitars. It always depends on the pickup configuration and volume pot taper. My PRS Custom still has the stock 180pf ceramic cap, and it seemed to work best with all the pickups I had in there. Other guitars can...
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    What is 1 piece of gear you regret letting go of that is too expensive to replace now?

    Not a guitar but I sold an Ibanez TS-9 in the 80s because it was too middy for me. I sold it for something like $50 and was glad to finally get rid of it. No idea that two years later it became known that a certain blues player allegedly used it and the prices began to skyrocket ...
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    Brand new 10 Top. No mater what I do it feels unplayable - is it me or did the factory rush it out?

    That is about 1.6mm high e and 2.1mm low e which is only a bit higher than what I use on my S2. My Custom has 1.3mm and 1.8mm without issues, (i.e. no buzzing or noting out, even on two step bends) and I could even go a bit lower if I wanted. The PRS fretwork is very very good.
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    Brand new 10 Top. No mater what I do it feels unplayable - is it me or did the factory rush it out?

    I have never seen a thing like this but my sample size is small.
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    Brand new 10 Top. No mater what I do it feels unplayable - is it me or did the factory rush it out?

    And by the way - if you attempt to lower the trem - please loosen the strings before doing it! Don't try it with the strings strung to pitch!
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    Brand new 10 Top. No mater what I do it feels unplayable - is it me or did the factory rush it out?

    When I received my S2 Standard 24, the action was very high - almost like it was set up for slide playing. It appears that this is their factory setting. I had to lower the trem a bit to get it in the range that I liked. To do that I took care to turn each screw by the same amount in order to...
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    Buying advice for a second PRS

    Of the options suggested, I would go for the SE-Custom 24-8 as the Custom to me is the quintessential PRS. If you care to spend a bit more, I would look at the S2 Standard 24.
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    Pedals that never leave your board?

    Yep, these are also my essentials. The only other pedal on the board is either a Chorus or a Tremolo.
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    What Are Your Favorite Amps To Play?

    My favorite amp is one I built myself. For the tech freaks it has: - 2 EL34 tubes, fixed bias (like Marshall 50W amps) - 2 1/2 12AX7 preamp tubes - 1/2 12AX7 plus 1 12AU7 for the split load/concertina phase inverter - James tonestack (similar to what Ampeg used) plus a Framus type midrange...
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    Updated List of PRS Pickup Specs

    This is great info. I would love to see this as a sticky thread.