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  1. toothace

    One Day, They'll Put Me Away, And I Need A Way Out.

    Happy healing Les. We will always be here for you.
  2. toothace

    Bright Lights

    This is wonderful!
  3. toothace

    One out, one in!!

    You let go of the Tremonti and added the semi-hollow or vice-versa?
  4. toothace

    hxda paisley alert

    I got a deal on mine. I know a guy. (you know who you are;))
  5. toothace

    Easy way to fix lacquer raising on the side of the fretboard?

    I had this issue when I first got my 408. Sent it back to the PTC and they took care of it.
  6. toothace

    The Song Title Game

    Rumble - Link Wray
  7. toothace


    It's tomorrow...just sayin'...;)
  8. toothace

    The Song Title Game

    Break Stuff - Limp Bizkit
  9. toothace


    I like what you did there!
  10. toothace


    Oh yeah!!! Congrats!! My wager is that a single cut of some sort will be next...;) Sweet top!
  11. toothace

    And she's gone

    Congrats! Great score!
  12. toothace

    Anyone own a PRS SE One?

    Love mine. Put a Kinman and visited the Mann himself for a locking tuner conversion and a new bridge. Those guitars are killer! Not likely to ever find another deal like the one I got on mine...
  13. toothace

    Woodshed Guitar Experience

    There are a few variations of this kind of event...they all look so fun!
  14. toothace

    NGD....There's Gold in them there hills!

    Congrats! Love the non-grain filled look! Sweet top!
  15. toothace

    NGD: 2003 Santana III

    Congrats! Sweet top!
  16. toothace

    NGD: McCarty 594 Wood Library Roswood Neck/BRZ FB

    Beautiful! Congrats! Sweet top!
  17. toothace

    Which CE 24

    That is lovely! Sweet top!
  18. toothace

    Which CE 24

    I'd do it now. But that's me. YMMV.
  19. toothace

    Touchy subject

    Don't label me!:p