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    Polishing out scratches?

    I prefer Menzerna compounds over the rest. If you are dealing with swirls and not deeper scratches, here is my choice...
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    Do you gig with 9 gauge strings?

    PRS shipped Maryland-made guitars with 9s as the standard option up through the move to Stevensville. Tens were a string change for PRS.
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    Fixing Swirls on Nitro Finish

    If you are only dealing with swirls and not deeper scratch, this is my suggestion...
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    Were your parents into rock music?

    My dad was from the Silent Generation (in between the Greatest Generation and the Baby Boomers). He was a Frank Sinatra/Pete Fountain kind of guy.
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    On a Kings’s X Binge

    I have always appreciated King’s X, but they have become my favorite band. I have been a proponent of solid-state amps for a long time, especially Lab Series amps. I saw Ronnie Montrose and Gamma play at Old Chicago in the fall of 1979. Ronnie was using Lab Series amps and his tone was good, but...
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    They got off the fence after I showed them that I did not need to borrow the money. If I realized what I was going to be put through, I would have just paid cash. I would have hated the tax implications, but some It is just the combination of Em and its relative major G. :)
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    I have made a momentous decision

    My first auditorium-size concert was Blue Oyster Cult, J. Geils, and Horslips on March 3, 1978 at the Baltimore Civic Center. It was snowing that day. Horslips was a no-show, so J. Geils opened the concert. That date was one Blue Oyster Cult's infamous laser light show gigs.
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    Custom 24 replacement pickup recommendations

    Concur! Those are my favorite PRS pickups by a large margin. The 57/08 bass is a beautiful neck humbucking pickup.
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    Multi-Fit PRS Case Key

    I discovered that Gibson included the wrong set of keys for my R7 as I was finishing up packing for my move today, so I decided to try all of the case keys I have collected over the years. Surprisingly, the multi-fit case key locks and unlocks a Gibson Custom LP case. That kind of took me by...
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    That is what happened to me as well. They did not lock me until two weeks before closing. That delay cost me more than half of point. I was not happy and threatened to take my business elsewhere, so they gave me a lower interest rate without points, but it was still higher than it had to be...
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    Actually, I went into the transaction pre-approved with a different national lender because sellers will not even consider a contract offer without pre-approval today. The agent convinced me to switch to a local lender. I switched and went through the preapproval stage months ago with the new...
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    Well, to let everyone in what prompted this thread, I have been in the process of settling on a house. To say that the lender put me through the meat grinder is an understatement (I have more money at stake than they do, which is insane). If I would have known that getting through approval was...
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    Custom 24 replacement pickup recommendations

    The whole premise of the 85/15 is flawed. I could care less if a humbucking pickup splits well. My Strats sound and respond better than any humbucking PRS pickup in split-mode. The PRS approach to single-coil tones is a compromise and that compromise comes at the cost of having a great...
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    Custom 24 replacement pickup recommendations

    I am not a fan of 85/15 pickups in any incarnation. They are jack of all trades, master at none pickups. They are just meh sounding to me. I have them in my 2019 CE-24, but I am too lazy to swap them out for a different set of pickups. I have 57/08s in my Mira Korina. I would put 57/08s up...
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    All of the responses are good. I am an anal, demanding kind of guy, which makes me not everyone's cup of tea. If you want to visualize me, think Sheldon Cooper, minus the atrocious people skills, wrapped in a middle linebacker's body, albeit an aging middle linebacker. That is quite the...
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    Let's start off with the fact that I absolutely despise procrastinators. I have dumped every woman with whom I have ever been involved who was a procrastinator. I absolutely loathed being put on a team with a known procrastinator in graduate school and at work. I have zero tolerance for...
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    Dispelling Tube Amp Myths

    Tubes amps are louder than solid-state amps partly because they dissipate more than their rated wattage when pushed. That is absolutely true a 50W Marshall can disspate 75W when it pushed causing it to switch from class AB to class B. However, a 50% increase in power is barely audible. It is...
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    Good Amp for Hollowbody?

    Les, I mean no disrespect, but you appear to be stuck in mid-sixties to mid-seventies guitar tone mode. That is nothing wrong with that preference, but it does not work for all styles of music. Guitar has changed quite a bit from that point in time and not all tube amps are elastic. In fact...
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    Dispelling Tube Amp Myths

    His amps are the best of the best with respect to solid-state. I owned a MicroPro Mach 2-8 for over a year. I liked the amp, but the digital reverb circuit was too noisy for me. The noise appears to be specific to the Mach 2. There are two things I do not like about Quilter amps. The first...