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  1. bluenova

    Do the new Amber lampshade style knobs come in Gold?

    I can confirm that is a great way to destroy some knobs. Must be the acetone in the polish but it makes the plastic cloudy at the very least and at worst some will actually develop a crack in the knob as well.
  2. bluenova

    Anyone like the #7 pickups??

    Yeah, I love those S2 #7’s
  3. bluenova

    2008 Single Cut Hollowbody for 1.5K?

    Cripes! That really is the best deal I think I’ve ever heard of!
  4. bluenova

    Radical Pick-up swap (Custom 22) or new guitar

    Don’t. Swap. The. Dragon I’s!!!
  5. bluenova

    Happy Birthday To The Little Thread That Could!

    I’ve seen every pic on every page of that thread lol happy birthday psf!
  6. bluenova

    se angelus bridge pins

    It’s been so long that I don’t remember the exact details of what I ordered, but I replaced my pins on a t50e with ebony and an abalone dot like what I see on a bunch of the core PRS acoustics. They were larger than stock and I used the Stew Mac reamer to fit them exactly how I wanted. Turned...
  7. bluenova

    Standard 22 Satin w/Dragon II’s…what’s the consensus ?

    Left the dragon ii neck. That sounds glorious. I also took the cover off. Then I swapped the bridge pickup for a Tremonti. Such a monster guitar. The guitar I still grab the most!
  8. bluenova

    Difference in output & tone between the HFS bridge , \m/ & Tremonti bridge pickups?

    I have various guitars with the tremonti, \m/ and dragon 1, never played an HFS. The tremonti and dragon 1 are pretty similar tone wise and the \m/ has a little more honk going on when played on a clean channel. Maybe that’s just exactly the mids you’re looking for. Add some gain and it’s hard...
  9. bluenova

    Noisy Pick Ups?

    If you touch the bridge and the noise goes away the wiring is good. Your body is an antennae and you ground yourself when you touch the bridge. Shield the control cavities and your noise will become so much less that you won’t even notice any noise anymore.
  10. bluenova

    I am done selling on Reverb: PRS Tremonti MT-15 saga

    It does look like in your picture that 2 of the blue leds are out. You’ve got 6 reds and 4 blues. I’ll have to compare it to mine and see how many leds are in there.
  11. bluenova

    Bonus Flame

    Anybody else have a guitar with some “bonus flame” as I call it like on this SE Tonare Grande T50e where the wood is figured when it’s spec’d out to be plain? This mahogany neck has a fatter curl than what the usually curl is like on figured mahogany necks and looks more like what you’d see on a...
  12. bluenova

    Post Pictures of your PRS that look like '59 Bursts

    Haven’t seen an S2 in this thread so I’ll throw this into the mix.
  13. bluenova

    PRS CE24 Static Noise - Please help!

    You’ll be surprised, it may not take the noise 100% away, but it may take it 80% away and it never bothers you again…
  14. bluenova

    Cream rings for a 594? There’s ivory with the recessed screws. The se cream might be your best bet if that’s the color you really need. I think the ivory looks better but ymmv.
  15. bluenova

    PRS CE24 Static Noise - Please help!

    It was on a stoptail and I did the control cavity and 3 way switch cavity. I didn’t put anything around the pickup routes.
  16. bluenova

    Can you buy from PRS their newer wraparound bridge with the brass inserts? Don’t see it on their website..

    Interesting. It IS in the PRS accessories store as the unplated polished aluminum stoptail with studs. It’s the same part number from Bodia’s link to the old post Shawn made about them. SKU 101686:001:001:
  17. bluenova

    PRS CE24 Static Noise - Please help!

    If you shield the cavities with foil tape it will be nearly if not completely silent. I had the same issue with a wood library guitar with unshielded cavities and when I used copper foil shielding it totally quieted that guitar right down. A lot of PRS cavities are unshielded like this.
  18. bluenova

    Can you buy from PRS their newer wraparound bridge with the brass inserts? Don’t see it on their website..

    If you’re talking about the non adjustable version those are on “Paul’s” guitars. You might find one second hand that someone took off but might be a tough one to find.
  19. bluenova

    Private Stock Friday

    Not for stoptails though, they had a limited run of em a while back and are now unobtanium.