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  1. swazifiction

    Why is the S2 Vela satin ltd (a solid body) lighter than an SE custom 22 semi-hollow?

    Thanks guys. I suspect the trem; the 22 does have a maple veneer but it's very thin and the guitar is chambered cos it's a semi. The two are very different machines.
  2. swazifiction

    Why is the S2 Vela satin ltd (a solid body) lighter than an SE custom 22 semi-hollow?

    I really can't deal with heavy guitars, so I was a bit apprehensive about buying the Vela, but it was such a bargain that I couldn't resist. But I was shocked to find it's lighter than my semi-hollow custom 22. Does anyone know why it's lighter?
  3. swazifiction

    Favorite TWO PRS Models ???

    They do! As of now, I would only choose one PRS, for three reasons: an SE Custom 22 semi-hollow, because 1. It's a semi-hollow and light, not a cement block like the standard 24; 2. It's a wide thin neck, and I don't like wide fat; 3. It plays beautifully through my Vox AC30, seemingly they were...
  4. swazifiction

    Greetings PRSers! NGD SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow in da hood!

    The PRS SE custom 22 semi is my current favourite guitar. Congratulations!
  5. swazifiction

    Electric Ladyland vinyl, side 4

    Electric Ladyland vinyl, side 4
  6. swazifiction

    SE 22 semi-hollow with tailpiece or with trem? Which do you prefer?

    I guess it isn't so important; I seldom use the trem on the standard 24. But tuning stability is one of the reasons why I chose PRS in the first place.
  7. swazifiction

    SE 22 semi-hollow with tailpiece or with trem? Which do you prefer?

    I have a standard 24 and love it but it's very heavy; I would love a Gibson 335 but they're way beyond my budget and anyway I don't trust Gibson's QC. So... I'm looking to get an SE custom 22 semi-hollow because it's lighter and the wide thin on the older ones is modelled on a 335 neck but it's...
  8. swazifiction

    Searching for a PRS Singlecut Neck similiar/close to the Pattern Regular

    I discovered a PRS 1990 video on YouTube and in it PRS said the wide thin neck is copied from an ES-335. That's interesting, because I love the wide thin on both my standard 24 and the thin neck of my Ibby am-53 (an archtop). On the other hand (sic) I find the wide fat too fat. I wonder what the...
  9. swazifiction

    New Member? Welcome! Info about your new account inside

    Welcome! I hope you find what you need.
  10. swazifiction

    Esher demos on replay

    Esher demos on replay
  11. swazifiction

    What's your favorite neck profile?

    Wide Thin, as on my Standard 24; and the even thinner Ibby am/artcore neck. My T40 is a great guitar, but its Wide Fat is not my favourite neck.
  12. swazifiction

    California Prop 65 WARNING ON MY NEW S2 Custom 24!!!!

    I agree it would be more useful if the label stated what the "chemicals" in question were. It sure is a scary label: "known to... cause cancer and birth defects". I got one when I received my Standard 24; didn't get one with the Tonare.
  13. swazifiction

    PRS SE Standard or SE Custom? Which is more value for money?

    The majority of posts in this thread applaud the Indonesian-made SEs, and that's why PRS has stuck with them. I think it's interesting though that the acoustic line (T40E, for example) is not made in Indonesia, but China. It's still Cor-Tek, but a different factory in a different continent...
  14. swazifiction

    What are you listening to right now?

    Marconi Union Love this band
  15. swazifiction

    When your spouse says you need another guitar...

    I have a simple answer, which is a question: Would you rather I bought another smart phone [which will be obsolete within six months] or a new laptop [outdated within a few years] or a guitar which will likely increase in value and could last for 40 years? Mind you, she's also a musician so...