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  1. Wakester

    The Song Title Game

    Shining Star - Earth Wind & Fire
  2. Wakester

    Every Time I Watch This...

    I saw him play back when he was 16 and just making a name for himself. I lived about 2 blocks down the road from him for 4 years. Didn't know he even existed until the local Rock radio station started promoting him. He has changed quite a bit from back then.
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    Random. No more or less

    Sounds yummy! Have a Great Day!
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    The Guitar That, When All's Said And Done, Is 'Most You'.

    To be honest with myself, I think my 245SE is the one that most defines my sound. It is not an imitation of any one else's guitar or sound. It is uniquely mine because of the way I put it together. Yes, my SE CU24 has been modded, but that was done to make it an equal (at least in my mind) to a...
  5. Wakester

    Which guitar hero got you to pick up an axe?

    My original influence was John Denver. His intricate fingerpick style on a 12 string dreadnought still fascinates me today. I've had guitars since I was in the 4th grade but have yet to beable to master them the way John did.
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    Random. No more or less

    Morning, the dog woke me up. What's for breakfast?
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    Another PRS in the wild

    At the Brooks and Dunn show on Buffalo tonight. Opener Megan Molroney's guitarists sported a fine selection of PRSi. A Fiore, DGT, 245 and 250SC made appearances, and I could see at least 2 more on standby in the racks.
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    The Song Title Game

    Fight Song - Scott Stapp
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    May The Fifth Be With You!

    No, only today.
  10. Wakester

    May The Fifth Be With You!

    It even falls on Taco Tuesday once in awhile.
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    Hmm, this looks vaguely familiar.... I just can't place it

    I have about a half dozen more Fish discs to hang on another wall yet. Just need to find the time to do it.
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    The Song Title Game

    Never Been Any Reason - Head East
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    Hmm, this looks vaguely familiar.... I just can't place it

    So I bought one of the FireFly FF338 model guitars. I was quite pleased with the build of this guitar. I might be a lucky one, but the thing was near flawless. MInor finish flaws aside, it is a really well built guitar. Ball end stainless steel frets, full size pots, decent tuners, decent...
  14. Wakester

    Would you return this SE Mccarty 594 or get it fixed?

    Bring it back and let the dealer sort it out. it is part of the price of buying a new guitar. It is why they have warranties and all. Unless it is Guitar Center, then just take it back and take your money back as well.
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    The Song Title Game

    Slow Suicide - Scott Stapp
  16. Wakester

    Mick Mars sues Motley Crue

    Which wasn't very good.
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    The "Green" guitar dilemma.

    CE22, because I prefer the Emerald over EV, and getting a CE is a goal for adding to the collection. But that's just me.
  18. Wakester

    Marshall Amplification Sold

    On the bright side they were bought bybthe company that makes their speakers and not TBS or A&E or HSN.