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  1. Solocaller

    No guitars in this OP

    Best thing I've read all day.
  2. Solocaller

    How long between getting your First PRS to your Second?

    I've had my first and only PRS for over a year now. And while I've had GAS to get another one, my marriage is still great and I don't want to jeopardize it! :P
  3. Solocaller

    Bad News Sucks

    He will be missed. I always looked forward to the shows that he was going to be on. Tim told the same kinds of stories that I like to tell; the stories about life and growing up. He had a positive way of spinning a bad experience and making it funny.
  4. Solocaller

    Interview in a few hours...

    Good for you! I hope everything works out.
  5. Solocaller

    2 x Amp = x

    I feel for ya. It will be worth it when it finally shows up!
  6. Solocaller

    Can somebody tell me what is up with my amp???

    Somebody will more experience than me can jump on this question, but my bet is a bad tube.
  7. Solocaller

    ABY Pedal

    Thanks guys. Lots of good suggestions here. That Fulltone looks like it has all the features that I need right now and all the features I'll need as my setup grows. I still need to do some research into the others as well.
  8. Solocaller

    ABY Pedal

    I'm kind of wanting to get an ABY pedal so that I can run two different amps at once, but the more that I read and study, the more confused I get. Passive, active, out of phase amps causing volume's all very confusing. So can somebody educate me, please? I would love one with 3...
  9. Solocaller

    Buffers, true bypass, cable runs... are the old rules out?

    Ahh, good read, Les. Learn something new everyday. I did know that some buffers were better than others but didn't know why.
  10. Solocaller

    Buffers, true bypass, cable runs... are the old rules out?

    I think it was always ok to use them, it was just a clever advertising gimic by the pedal companies to push the true bypass gear. I think that its important to have a buffer pedal in a long signal chain for exactly the reason that you listed; it keeps the signal from degrading over long runs...
  11. Solocaller

    Sergio's Champagne (and sparkling wine) Thread.

    Sergio, I think you and I need to hang out.
  12. Solocaller

    Hans' Winter NAMM 2014 Blog

    Those photos do not help my GAS one bit!
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    TC Electronic Ditto X2 Looper

    I've almost bought the original Ditto Looper at least 3 times in the last month. And this comes out. I love the simplicity of the original Ditto, but I really like some of the features of the X2. I don't know what I'm going to do now.
  14. Solocaller

    i can stop playing!!! Rocksmith 2014

    I have both the old one and the new one also. 2014 is much improved. Yeah, the song selection isn't that great, but all those DLC songs I purchased transfer over. So there are some good songs there. I've played it maybe half an hour since it came out. Its been a busy couple of weeks. And the lag...
  15. Solocaller

    NDD: New Dad Day!!!

    Congrats! Your son now shares a birthday with my dad.
  16. Solocaller

    MP3 players

    I have an 8gb Sony Walkman that I bought about 4 years ago. Works like a champ. Its been to work with me everyday, playing for 12 to 14 hours a day. Its spent so much time in my pocket that there's now sand behind the display, but I can still read it and it works, so I'm keeping it and I would...
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    Holy Mother of Pearl! That is a sweet rig!
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    CR's PRS \m/ Demo coming soon!

    Sweet! I can't wait to hear a good demo of these and I know that Chris is just the man to do it!
  19. Solocaller

    PRS Case Smell

    I'm not sure what it is, but the first thing I do when I take my guitar out of its case is smell the neck. It makes me smile every time.