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    2019 594 Semi-Hollow

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    Anyone Willing to Sell a 594 Semi-Hollow?

    Looking for one of the ones they released in 2019 or 2020 that have the phase three locking tuners and a rosewood fretboard. Would love to discuss if anyone is interested in selling.
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    594 Solid Body vs Semi-Hollow

    Thanks for the reply. Having spent a lot of time reading through threads on this forum, I was waiting for you to reply lol. It sounds like the mids are emphasized with semi-hollows but this doesn't compromise clarity/articulation/note separation. Wish I could play both before purchasing but that...
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    594 Solid Body vs Semi-Hollow

    Thanks for the response. Did you find the neck pickup in the semi-hollow muddy or super bassy or was it just warmer but still articulate with good note definition?
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    594 Solid Body vs Semi-Hollow

    Please only contribute if you have had a chance to play both. Trying to keep the thread clean. Thanks! I am currently considering getting a 594. I love the feel and overall warmer tone of shorter scale guitars but have struggled with how bassy/muddy the neck pickup can sound. For reference I...