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    Forum Contest: Win A Santana! (Sign up thread)

    This is the most ridiculous thread on the Forum I've seen to date. I'm sad Sergio thinks it's fun to advocate animal cruelty. I'm sad 60% of people replying to the poll seem to agree. And I'm sad that the mods have left it running so long. As others have said, if you want to give away one of...
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    Forum Contest: Win A Santana! (Sign up thread)

    There are a lot of Red Kites near me - most days I see at least one or two. The bigger ones are prety big - five foot wingspan. They're hard to picture with an iPhone though, as you can see!
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    Forum Contest: Win A Santana! (Sign up thread)

    Out - poor birds! And it's too late now anyway, as I've been round to Sergio's container, left the doos open and the birds have all cleared off. The owl got it's mate the cat (misnamed, it's actually a big FO lion that's in a bad mood) to go round and the lion is currently waiting for anyone...
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    I’d buy this as a core model… in a heart beat (but without divots)

    Probably not for me but I like the idea and it's brave of Ish to build something so off the wall for a PS with no flame / conventional pickups etc. Re the divots- I wonder why the decided to go with them - as a guess either for asthetic reasons or expediency and not having to mess with the CNC...
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    Just In Case (Historical Reference)

    A final comment about the early guitars and their cases, which has always been an interest (tragic, sorry). I met Paul at a MusicStreet event in the UK and he was gracious enough to sign the pocket lid underside on a case I took along that housed a very early Custom 5 00XX. On seeing the case...
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    Got banned from TGP, have no idea why...

    Seven pages in of stuff about another Forum and you reveal you swore :rolleyes: Edit - 8 pages - I lost track
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    Just In Case (Historical Reference)

    My current '88 Signature sat in what I suspect is a late 1985 / early 1986 case - I say that because I used to own a late 1985 Custom 5 04XX that had the same style case. Again the 'Tolex' is rough like the above case in the post above but the handle is a thicker type. I suspect PRS had...
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    Just In Case (Historical Reference)

    Another very early guitar (5 00XX) in its undoubtedly original case - however this case is physically smaller than the cases above (not by much, but smaller) and the 'Tolex' is different - this case has a very hard feel and the texture is almost gritty. Again I no longer own this guitar - one...
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    Just In Case (Historical Reference)

    A couple of the classic 1985 PRS cases - one has a blue lining and the other black - but the cases are otherwise identical. This is the case I'd expect to see with a very early guitar - however there are different cases that were used even for very early guitars. This is also the model of case...
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    Neck pocket cracks?

    I likewise have a neck pocket crack on my Strat and it's fine. I've owned the guitar from new so it's something I've done - I think it probably happened when the case got knocked over. That said, I'd expect a decent discount if I was buying a guitar with a similar neck crack. Given (as Alnus...
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    Post your RARE PRS stuff!

    Well we started with pickups so I'll post these here for posterity. The very earliest 1985 factory made guitars came with 7 (treble) and 8 (bass) stamped PUs rather than T and Bs - probably only in the first fifty or so guitars off the line. These were in a 1985 Custom I used to own that was...
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    Post your RARE PRS stuff!

    I agree with Hans - define rare - so this is probaby not what you meant (actually I'm sure it's not) but it's up there - a properly battered one... worn down below the wood as John Crunch said of it on his sadly archived Vintage PRS site. Casper (even more battered) deserves a mention too.
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    McCarty vs Paul's vs Santana vs...

    I half feel you're barking up the wrong tree. The players you listed are either (primarily) know for playing a Fender Strat or a Gibson Les Paul. I like PRS guitars but if I wanted to sound like Peter Green then I probably wouldn't be looking at a PRS as my first choice. Ditto Jimi Henrix...
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    1988 Custom 24.

    Sorry to hear about this - fwiw I'd just send it back and demand a refund. It's not as if you've any emotional attachment to the instrument or that it's especially rare and irreplaceable. So it seems like a lot of work and hasstle (and expense) to try and repair it. I love the older guitars...
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    PRS guitar from Eric Pritchard

    Might be an idea to delete Eric's email? Otherwise very intersting - and nice of Eric to donate the amp and guitar. Nearly all (9 of 10) of the PRSi I've owned were made using the stuff Eric designed such as the neck duplicator.
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    Private Stock Friday

    Oh 9967 looks nice! Nice to see some shots of the PS team working on the guitars too:) I also think you could probably market the big yellow lamp with PS eagles - I'd quite like one as my desk lamp anyway.
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    The PRS in my collection getting played most right now is_______???

    Fab your still rocking one of the very first factory guitars - I'd love to see a picture of it as I'm a huge fan of the older guitars. Overall my fav of the various PRS I've owned so far was a '85 pre-Standard.
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    Severe Rust on my PRS Silver Sky Core USA Model

    I liked you post as you've asked for help about a PRS guitar on the PRS Forum, which seems like a considered and sensible thing to do. These aren't cheap but maybe something like these tatanium Strat saddles from StewMac will work, assuming they'll fit a SS. StewMac Tatanium Saddles StewMac...
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    Sad news to share. RIP Boogie

    Very, very sad news about Boogie. His memory will live on here as well as with the people he knew in real life. Living in England I never met Kerry but came to know him through his posts and threads, especially Ugliest Stage Shirt and Nastiest Place you’ve played? I also remember Boogie’s...