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    Non-PRS instrument discussions??

    PRS accounts for about 1/3 of my guitars, and 0% of my amps (must fix that, even with an SE20 combo). And no effects. Because PRS doesn't make any pedal or outboard signal processor. So while there is no need to discuss other guitar and amp manufacturers, I believe I've uncovered a critical gap...
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    2016 Experience Photo & Gossip Thread

    I'm in the rear row of tables outside, all the way left.
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    Experience PRS 2016 Identification Roll Call

    I'm headed out the door in a minute, wearing vintage black Addidas Gazelles.
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    Experience 2016 Tattoo Corner

    So I guess this means that Herve Villechaize is not one of the special guests this year? :(
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    Will electric guitars ever appreciate again?

    As a collector, I can tell you this: I got more money than brains, and I really don't have that much money. A long time ago, I figured I could buy some guitars and amps that might go up in value. So I bought that stuff, and it has done alright over the past 10 to 15 years. It's not the top or...
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    Ngd ce-22 green metallic

    That thing is beautiful.
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    NUGD: PRS S2 Vela

    She's a goer, eh?! Wink wink, nudge nudge! I really want a S2 Vela with a gold anodized brushed aluminum pickguard.
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    Online Dating

    Two years divorced, and have started dating again, at age 44. For the first time in 17 years. I spent half that time living/working in a foreign country, married to a woman there (met through work). Brought her here, we had two homes in two countries. IKnowALittle's video brings up some points...
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    1988 Studio questions

    Beautiful! And that bit of character on the lower bout was earned after 26 years. I'd leave any 80s PRS with player wear as-is.
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    CE24 and new pedal day (UniVibe related)

    Love that sound! Instant Trower.
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    And thanks to The Fight....

    hey Garrett, thanks for clarifying. For the record, there is no 10 on the back of the headstock. Other than the thin cracks that run the entire length of the top, the deep cracks partially filled with uh... driveway sealer?, and the half dollar sized chunk around the toggle hole that was...
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    Refinishing my Custom 24 yet again....

    Truly beautiful work.
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    New Member Russ73, My S2s...

    Welcome, S2s are fantastic. And yeah, what Carl said ;)
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    And thanks to The Fight....

    The hb pair were wound by a friend of the guy that did the initial repair work, and meant to sound like DB. They turned out to sound great, very wooly and not potted so - turn the amp up and look out :D. Seller told me his buddy no longer winds pickups, unfortunately. Didn't get the guy's name...
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    New ZM Day

    Mr. Myers gets my vote for the player I don't listen to but LOVE his sig SEs. Someday I'll add the Trampas Green SH and his triple hb Blue Beauty to the collection.
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    Da Nasty

    oh you mean butterface guitars? :eek: Sure, I'll buy damaged/abused/neglected PRS. I do not venture into stuff like destroyed necks or the copper CE24 that was shot. See my posts about The Dog of Frankenstein. I'm tempted to have the face cracks filled in with chrome paint, because that would...
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    And thanks to The Fight....

    This is from your first PRS?!
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    And thanks to The Fight.... is starting off to be a very happy Friday. The Dog of Frankenstein now has a beautifully worn brass block trem, courtesy of our own Long Haired Demigod. While The Dog proved to be a solid player EVEN WITH A FRIGGIN FENDER TREM ON IT, it fell right into predictable PRS feel once the...
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    What to do with push-pull pots? Cool ideas??

    I've seen custom made Sweet Switches sold on ebay, functioning through a push-pull pot instead of a mini toggle.
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    Challenge: Create a $150 guitar that's different and better than those on the market at that price

    I want to say one word to you. Just one word. Plastics.