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  1. Rod/

    SE 594!!!!!!!

    I couldn’t agree with you more. I own a few core PRS’s that are all great guitars, but my Santana SE gets just as much play time. It’s an extraordinary guitar for the money. A core Santana is next
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    Updated: I preferred the PRS Silver Sky 2020 pickups over the 2022 until the 2022 had new strings.

    Old strings will kill the tone of any great guitar, (or crappy one as well):). If you think about it, it’s what the whole guitar is based around
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    Which PRS bird inlay is the Baltimore Oriole?

    Now I get it……thanks @JMintzer
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    Any Thoughts on the Martin Simpson model?

    I’m an electric only flatpicker mostly. The wider nut feels ok, but id rather be playing my pattern or DGT necks
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    Which PRS bird inlay is the Baltimore Oriole?

    Ok then… just curious why it wasn’t included in the bird inlay lineup
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    Which PRS bird inlay is the Baltimore Oriole?

    That’s kinda weird don’t ya think? Or maybe it’s not from Maryland…..
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    S2 35th anniversary model question…

    Ted Lasso’s Futbol team colors:) or is that blue and red? DiMarzio makes humbucker rings in many bright and weird, I mean 80’s colors…just kidding… …. might be worth a try. PRS used them before developing their own more rounded humbucker rings
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    To P90 or not to P90

    I agree. I love the Gibson bridge P-90, the neck though can be muddy, and those buggers do hum a lot…. . The Wolfetones I mentioned above don’t seem to have much hum. I have no idea why. They look just like a Gibson P-90. Maybe it was the particular guitar they were in. Big mystery
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    Maintenance of Nitro Finish Guitars?

    For safety‘s sake on my ‘21 WL DGT I use the newer nitro safe PRS cleaner and polish.. not the older stuff they used to sell . (That was for their poly finishes). Do not use that on nitro. read a few horror stories..the older polish works great on my 3 poly PRS’s
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    Which PRS bird inlay is the Baltimore Oriole?

    Just curious… we had one in our yard today (Southern Maine) and it had the most beautiful and distinctive voice and call….
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    PRS SE DGT is on its way!

    Well, I’m glad they’re being shipped to England:). I really am… Still waiting for my friends DGT Goldtops to show up in NEW England. 450 mile trip from Maryland ….:D:eek::p told it may be September:oops:
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    S2 35th anniversary model question…

    What color is your S2? Although they are imported SE humbuckers, the pics look like they are using core pickup rings.. some owner of 1 of these will confirm. If that’s the case, any core ring will work, provided they are proper height. SE rings are different dimensions.. not interchangeable….
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    To P90 or not to P90

    I put a pair of single coil P-90’s.( Wolfetone‘s mean and meaner ) in a Rivolta guitar I used to own but sold towards the funds for a PRS and I was totally surprised how quiet they were compared to your typical Gibson P-90.. also they are wound reverse in the neck so when both pickups are on...
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    Blasted SE SS

    I agree, and I gave up on Fender Strats years ago… hhhhuuuuummmmm. And find a Stratoblaster
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    That’s great to hear! @John Mann and the gang are a great bunch of folks……glad I could help….
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    Top wrapping a McCarty 594?

    Certain brands and types of say an 008 gauge sets are slinkier than others. Also, getting pure nickel roundwounds are slinkier than your typical hex core steel strings……. Elixirs are slinky as well…. GHS makes a thin core string that I use on my PRS‘s that are slinkier due to the thinner inner...
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    Top wrapping a McCarty 594?

    Paul figured out the correct neck angle many years ago…..
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    My first PS guitar.

    Great price and such a great color:)
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    Blasted SE SS

    Nice work! Loved the Stratoblaster!