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    If it works, it works! Glad you're diggin' it!
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    It’s official…

    Turning a corner... Sounds great!
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    All about bicycles

    Cheers mate! Gotta say I was taken aback by the dude's tude... An angry young man indeed... Oh well, here's hoping he feels better now.
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    All about bicycles

    Last two rides this time... I am so far behind last year it's ridiculous. Weather and work has taken its toll this year so far. Only at 415km so far , and I'd have been pushing close to 1000 last year by this time. Oh well... carry on! Last week... And today... On my way...
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    NGD incoming, I hope

    Fingers crossed. I haven't been hosed yet.
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    Interesting... What was it about the core that did not gel?
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    Shiny gold treats in the sun! Congrats on a great axe, it's gorgeous!
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    PRS 57/08 pickups...whatcha think about 'em?

    My late 2012 P22 pups are labelled P22, cuz...? PRS says they were installing 5310s but ran out of that wire, so they started putting in 5708s and that's what mine are. They sound awesome. I have 5815s in a couple of guitars and they are equally impressive. I'm a rhythm player and spend most of...
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    New to Me MDT

    Love my C50 combo, the MDT should be killer too!
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    Studio looks really cool. I've lurked at white ones...
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    Interesting Kemper/Matchless Comparison.

    Last weekend we did a gig that included a ferry ride and an overnight stay. When we got there to setup we were told that we were all getting mic'd up and going FOH. What a dream it was to roll up, setup the Kemper and Kabinet and plug into the board directly. There was some adjustment for us to...
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    HILLBILLY JEDI Live At Mickey's Place

    Very "Daryl's House" feel. Way too much fun, and great tunes mate!
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    I ordered a Polar Blue Silver Sky with maple neck......stayed tuned.

    Silver Sky is a killer guitar. Congrats on a real beauty!
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    S2 McCarty

    BOOM! Nicely done, congrats!
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    Custom 24 Semi-Hollow Wood Library

    Gorgeous example, congrats! What is the weight on that one?
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    I finally got a Silver Sky

    Aw yeah, that will rock, congrats!
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    The Chase For 'The Best'

    I have bested, and I have been bested... more often the latter. ;) Hmmm... I like nice things (as do we all), and at this point in my life (single, older, great job, debt free, etc.) I have "some" disposable income. That said, I don't think I've purchased "the best" of... I don't know...
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    The Guitar That, When All's Said And Done, Is 'Most You'.

    Thou hast chosen well my good man!
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    NUGD: Stripped 58 is Core #1

    Boo YEAH!!! Gorgeous guitar, and Happy NGD!!!