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    MT 15 losing power? Help please!

    IIRC OP clarified that sound cuts out and said it works when the effects loop jacks are jumped with a patch cable. That's typical of dirty contacts on switching jacks. Happens with Marshall loops all the time. A quick cleaning as I suggested fixes it 99% of the time. The other 1% the chassis...
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    MT 15 losing power? Help please!

    I suppose it depends on the person. It's much more convenient for me to just clean the jacks considering it sounds like it's the same common problem that Marshalls have. Cheaper to do too. :)
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    MT 15 losing power? Help please!

    Spray one of the jacks and a cable end with contact cleaner and run the cable end in and out a dozen times. Try that twice for each jack.
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    How to choose the right slide

    Index finger!?
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    How to choose the right slide

    According to Dime, a can of Coors light works too, but I've never gotten a can to sound good and I'm not about to drink a Coors light to corroborate.
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    How to choose the right slide

    The bottle of whatever beer I'm drinking.
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    Will locking tuners stabilize the tuning?

    Absolutely not. There's binding somewhere like the nut or saddles.
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    Sting watching his song get murdered...

    I really don't think he did bad at all. My facial expressions would've been way worse.
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    May The Fifth Be With You!

    That looks good. Man oh man, I had some great times drinking. Hard to believe it's already been 14 hours.
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    Gig report - winery edition

    Excellent, have fun!
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    Gig report - winery edition

    Sounds great and looks fun.
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    Touchy subject

    Oh yeah and they both suck! Been dealing with it for over 30 years. Mostly social anxiety when talking to anybody. Panic attacks not so much. I used to get maybe a dozen a year but I haven't had any in a couple of years. Maybe due to limited interaction with others because of covid or because...
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    DGT Strings

    It's mandatory due to an unfortunate wrist injury. Used to play 10s.
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    DGT Strings

    Doesn't feel like 11s on mine either, probably because they're 7s...
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    Guitar Colors And Body Styles

    I like traditional bursts on strat/double cuts but not for LP/single cuts. The unique colored, non traditional bursts that PRS has come up with are exempt from my ruthless bigotry.
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    Same here! Also getting pretty interested in the SE DGT Goldtop. Of all of the SEs it looks the closest to my core models and I can't afford another core these days.
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    Strap choice

    It's necessary to have a good strap on whilst jamming!
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    Strap choice

    What's wrong with the knobs, what are you replacing them with?
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    I'm No Luddite! But I Have...Artistic Concerns...

    Yeah sure but the fact is millions of artists will be put out of work because of this sh!t.
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    Building the perfect guitar: Paul Reed Smith at TEDxMidAtlantic

    Pfft! That guy doesn't know how to build good guitars, just ask the experts on other forums. They'll tell you how it is.