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  1. Wyzard

    Trying Hard to Like the HDRX20

    Well, I guess it's a matter of taste and touch - I got a first-series Hall Of Fame quite a few years back, but gave it away after trying to get anything I liked out of it. It quite put me off the idea of trying subsequent iterations too: I felt the original HOF had a particular voice in my rig...
  2. Wyzard

    Four By Ten

    What is this "wrong" you speak of?
  3. Wyzard

    Which guitar hero got you to pick up an axe?

    Some bloke named Carlos.
  4. Wyzard

    Cort-Tek made SE's

    The fun really begins once you get out of TJ and start heading for Ensenada. We had a place in La Jolla a long way back: we used to drive south of the border, just to see how far we could get before anyone we'd dragged along with us for the ride decided it was wiser to turn around and head...
  5. Wyzard

    My HXDA and DG30 Do Enough Stuff. Why Do I Have My Mesa Amps?

    Mesas are (or at least, can be) wonderful: anyone would have to be a bit strange to get rid of one of their better efforts IMO. I'm lucky - I've got quite a few of their better efforts at my disposal, after nearly forty years of trying, buying, or passing, on everything by them that fell across...
  6. Wyzard

    Stand up for yourself!

    Bin there, done that.
  7. Wyzard

    New member my arrrrrrrs........

    New member my arrrrrrrs........
  8. Wyzard

    Hi everyone.

    Yes, the Custom 24 is quite the formidable bit of kit - mine's one of the few things I play that wasn't built here at Wyzarding Central. You should hear it through a Two Rock..... (you can back me up here Les ;)).
  9. Wyzard

    Just ordered some Bare Knuckle Nantucket P90's...

    Alan Dingwall is my favourite of all of them :) I've got some custom-wounds by Alan on my #1 S-type, and I'll be putting his pickups into all my guitars from now on.
  10. Wyzard

    Four By Ten

    Hmmmmmm.......OK.............I might have enough 12-inch housings already. In fact, a 4x10 might be a more useful project - I can make it to match (size-wise, at least) my main (large-ish) 1x12 and 1x15 cabs.
  11. Wyzard

    Four By Ten

    Good grief - now I'll have to build myself a 4x12 too. What do you think about figured pine?
  12. Wyzard

    Four By Ten

    Pah! I had three speakers that I swapped around in their respective cabs just the other day, and thought nothing of it. Clue - the right power tools :) What used to be a major chore is now only a minor inconvenience. Plus: the payoff made it all worthwhile, as my MkIV is currently running its...
  13. Wyzard

    New amp day! Armored content…

    I do like a big Mesa (or ten....) and I'm missing my RK after reading this: time to get it back from my (much rock-ier) mate, who's had mine on long-term loan. It's true, I'm all heart :)
  14. Wyzard

    Guitar Colors And Body Styles

    You're not my Peggy...... Look out, fellas It's shredding time
  15. Wyzard

    AMP GAS - It Is After Me!

    Sadly the MkIV is well-gigged and the TriAxis is stuck in membrane-repair limbo. Not to mention, I'm in the UK these days - Floriduh is but a distant memory. If any of you can get across the Pond, you are more than welcome to eat out of our trash cans: though we would probably invite you...
  16. Wyzard

    Interesting Modeling Video - Quad Cortex.

    I'm embracing the Zeitgeist, and getting a Tonex to put on my grab-and-go board: it's getting a KOT, a Sunday Driver and an Ambi-Space for company.
  17. Wyzard

    AMP GAS - It Is After Me!

    Just some MkIIAs, a MkIVB, a Studio preamp, a Road King I, 395 and 50/50 power amps, a TriAxis, and an Electra-Dyne. Plus some cabs.....
  18. Wyzard

    AMP GAS - It Is After Me!

    My amp gas for this year revolves around getting all my existing amps up to spec/fully restored; in my case, that's quite a goal all by itself. The three Two Rocks are running as well/better than they have for years, as are some of the Groove Tubes pre/power amps, and the big (Zinky) Fenders...
  19. Wyzard

    News from Rocket Central....

    Frog Tape! Though why anyone would want to ....ah, frog-tie the little critters is beyond me :mad:
  20. Wyzard

    I'm No Luddite! But I Have...Artistic Concerns...

    It's going to happen, but licenses for the feed material/artists used by AI should be a source of remuneration IMO. I like to think that live improvisation over AI-written jazz/world/Americana-type backing might be fun; well, for me at least. I'd set parameters like "Changes in the style of Pat...