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  1. Prina

    Revisited: DC245 Sandstorm PS

    Like Claudia Schiffer is easy on the eyes. Spectacular from every angle!
  2. Prina

    I restored my '95 Custom 22 today

    Really pretty! Love the tiger flame & the hardtail.
  3. Prina

    Random. No more or less

    That reminds me of the old line about movie plots: "If you show a gun you have to use it." Makes one wonder about the other three dreams.
  4. Prina

    Random. No more or less

    Thanks! So far I've found comments from @11top on: and most recently on one by @Lola...
  5. Prina

    Random. No more or less

    There's a "What are you listening to right now?" thread. Didn't see one on a quick forum search but should there be "What are you reading now?" too?
  6. Prina

    Jimmy Page Rig Rundown

    Zep wrote 'Rock & Roll' in about 15 minutes. Bonham was just playing around with a 'Good Golly Miss Molly' drum line, Page added his riff and Plant threw in lyrics.
  7. Prina

    Jimmy Page Rig Rundown

    I've been lucky enough to hear Bonham, Moon and Chris Slade (with AC/DC, not the Firm) live and Slade's was the best live drum sound I've heard, and I thought that AC/DC sounded best with him. Fantastic drummer. No need to go on about Bonham or Moon. Page/Zep were the reason to get my cherry...
  8. Prina

    Used core guitars

    I have 2 SE 245s and an S2 McCarty 594 SC. The S2 sound is on a different level even before plugging in and I agree with @Louguitar guitar that the SE pups should often be changed, as the OP did, and often the nuts too. The S2 pups are OK but some guys switch even those out (not an issue with...
  9. Prina

    OK Guys, Where do you shop for a PRS

    I've never sold guitars but it's nice to know what the markup is, as well as them being upfront about it.
  10. Prina

    OK Guys, Where do you shop for a PRS

    Having bought two Korean SE 245's from GC in the last two months I'll say that, if you have a local GC to return a guitar if you don't like it AND you can evaluate a guitar well then consider it. Shipping is pretty cheap from across the country and since they don't evaluate guitars that closely...
  11. Prina

    NGD - DGT

    Really pretty! And great lighting on the pics.
  12. Prina

    Found a good replacement for the Dragon 1 bridge pickup...'00 CE22 content

    Interesting. I might consider that for my SE 245 that isn't the soapbar. I already have a superstrat with a Pearly Gates and the S2 594 so vintage-ish A2 sounds are pretty well covered. Any other recommendations are also welcome. And contrats on your great score! So awesome getting a great deal...
  13. Prina

    Is Rock Dead?

    Dead or not, rock has had a huge influence on the country genre as it often sounds more like the old Southern Rock than what country used to sound like.
  14. Prina

    Why the 594?

    No worries. Satellites have missed Mars and commercial jets have crashed from incorrect measurements & conversions.
  15. Prina

    Les can you pls ban my acct

    Sister of D'Addario who toils in the string factory
  16. Prina

    SE McCarty 594 vs S2 McCarty 594…worth the price difference?

    My stable is similar: a '22 S2 McCarty 594 SC, '11 Korean SE 245 & '14 Korean SE 245 Soapbar. All great, especially the S2 and Soapie. The S2 just sings and sustains forever. The soapie is 'a nasty dirty girl' (@dmatthews description). Both of the 245's also have very low action. All were used...
  17. Prina

    Has anyone switched a PRS SE P90 pickup cover?

    I'm in love with my SE 245 Soapie and the only tweaks that I have left to make it perfect are the TRC (custom one on order), the nut and getting the pup covers to match as the bridge was previously switched out: If anyone else has done this without much difficulty then I'll swap to a...
  18. Prina

    Monteleone makes PRS PS look like bargains

    Gotta check that out when Apple TV comes up on our rotation of streaming services. Also, the Met website for the Four Seasons guitars is an awesome example of how to photograph guitars
  19. Prina

    What are you listening to right now?

    I'd forgotten how good Windam Hill can be. Long ago it was mostly William Ackerman and Alex Degrassi.