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  1. Jack1013


    Ya, I would like to play one first. I called dealers here in Co. and even got laughed at by one store about availability. Haha. Most have no word at all… Contols wise, it Seems like having the in between position with both pickups engaged would be the move same as my LP but just not having to...
  2. Jack1013


    I’ve been watching the videos on the new Se DGT, and it looks like they nailed it, seeing David G. play it and not tell the difference is very cool! CUDOS to the PRS team, it’s pretty cool seeing what goes into a launch of a guitar like that and the development of it. To have a guitar of that...
  3. Jack1013

    Santana Claus

    WOW! Look at that case, beautiful! Someone has been very good Maybe Santa will leave the amp in a couple days too!
  4. Jack1013

    NAD! HDRX 20 - gigging guitarists are going to LOVE this!

    Love hearing about the HDRX 20! I’ve never played a PRS amp, and I like the sound of that one. I’ve been looking at the Marshall sv20 as well, but this seems to be about the same sound I’m looking for as well. Wondering about the head room and pedals like a Klon Clone or tube screamer. Didn’t...
  5. Jack1013

    Tim Pierce is a MONSTER

    OMG, Love Tim Pierce! What a bar to aspire to watching his playing huh? He’s got Complete command of all those styles, pretty amazing. I love that video and the one he speaks of where they compare the 594 to the ‘59 LP is a much watch as well, really cool! His lessons are great as well, he...
  6. Jack1013

    New PRS! Any suggestions??

    Thanks for all the feedback! Yes, Stoked to get to know this one for sure. I’ve been looking at other PRS pickups, even the new S 58/15 models people are selling on Reverb are affordable. Just because I’m a geek! Although, I’ve got to trust Paul and the crew that they trusted this would be great...
  7. Jack1013

    New PRS! Any suggestions??

    Thanks for the positive feedback! Ya, getting to know the instrument is key. It does feel really comfortable but I’m not used to a ‘new’ feeling guitar and its hard not to compare the sound obviously as well. YES, new strings were key as well! If i can figure out how to add a photo here I will...
  8. Jack1013

    New PRS! Any suggestions??

    Hello all, I’m new to this forum and thought I’d share about my new (to me) PRS. It’s a 2018 S2 SC. I’ve always played LP’s or some Strat style guitars so this is new to me and exciting to have a new instrument. Quick story about it is that it had been sitting in a studio with little to no use...