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    My thoughts

    Perhaps one of these:
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    Reflection for Lent

    I have tried 12 inches away and at the edge ... will try farther back ... using the backside of the capsule. The looper is a great idea ... save me days of experimenting ... thanks!
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    PRS DGT SE locking tuners?

    Check out John Mann Guitars ... I put a set on my SE Paul's that were a drop in fit.
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    Reflection for Lent

    I struggle to get the tone that I hear from my Carr Rambler when I mic it ... Royer R10 into a Sound Devices USBPre 2 so have gone to using a direct box. But I prefer just the amp when playing alone ... when everyone else is out of the house. For this it was SE Paul's middle position both PUs...
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    Andertons do the DGT

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    Reflection for Lent

    Bit of a digression ... but more akin to what you regret after the bender. Been on the Mediterranean diet for 30 years ... olive oil is a daily thing here. Live in Texas ... good friend would describe a bender as amateur hour ....
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    Silver Sky ... Suhr

    Sorry if this has been post prior ....
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    Who Else Recently Changed Their Forum Name? Did I Miss A Memo?

    H'll I asked to change my name and was denied ... nuthin new there ... could be the story of my life ....
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    Reflection for Lent

    Over the past couple of years we all have suffered loss isolation and have a foreboding sense of future events ... I know One presence that offers a respite from all of it ... yet the season is one of darkness which will be overshadowed by a light that belies description ...
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    Channeling my childhood

    Shades of all the programs from my past ... Bonanza, the Rifleman, Rawhide, Gunsmoke ... Cactus, Sand and entertainment above the bar ... Smoke em if you got them ...
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    Well the skunk is back!

    Been slapped so many times that I dont recognize what the mirror says is me. Really a major concern ... which skunk will show up with a virus that will be a threat to you ... rabies is uniformly fatal to those who have been bit and not received the series of injections ... which are more...
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    Well the skunk is back!

    You can buy it at any decent hardware or tack store.
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    My "new" '95 CE-22 has a sticky neck

    Not to cast aspersions ... But brings to mind the comment ... "He is so slick, oily, greaser boy" Combo of West Side Story and Grease ....
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    My "new" '95 CE-22 has a sticky neck

    Sounds like the heat that you impart to the neck when playing is softening the finish ... Best to do as the above have suggested ... remove the surface coat and leave it as a bare wood or take it down to the wood and then apply a light coat of oil or satin lacquer. If it is the fretboard it...
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    Well the skunk is back!

    Working on a medical relief mission in West Africa ... I got involved in a surgery that was related to dead bowel and liters of waste that ended up on the surgical floor in a room that had no ventilation and was about 90F. None of the nurses could stay in the room ... so surgeon scrub nurse and...
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    Well the skunk is back!

    You may want to investigate those scents that are predators to the skunk .... Red fox urine in small amounts may keep them at bay ... This too will pass ... best luck going forward ... these memories will be comedy when enough time exists between you and the horror of organic olfactory aggression.
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    Still looking for the Golden Ticket

    Is it the guitar ... the interface ... amp ... pedal board ... Acoustic and classical is pretty much get what you play ... Electric not so much ... bunch of electrons that need to be manipulated to represent the sound in our head and fingers .... Not the end of the quest ...
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    Paul's SE ... it works ...

    Link up ... Paul's SE Strymon Sunset DI into Helix Native ....
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    Broke down ... ordered a DGT Core

    Over the long weekend I had second and third thoughts ... Realized that I would be better served with a Studio or a Hollowbody ... never been a rocker at heart. And had a number of hours with my SE Paul's and my Carr Rambler this afternoon ... I find that with a Strymon Sunset and the Carr I...
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    E String Breaks with SE Locking Tuners

    If it happens when you transport the guitar ... detune the E a bit prior to transit. You may want to add a turn around the post prior to inserting into the hole to distribute the tension a bit differently. Is the string breaking at the hole insertion or where the screw clamps it? You can...