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    I've Accepted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sheez!

    I get it too on my iPad using safari every time now too.
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    PRS CE24 Black Sunburst strange line

    You said the most important thing, it plays and sounds good! That's really all that matters! I'm no expert but it looks like alder to me, and the seam is perfectly normal. In fact, I believe some were even made in three or four pieces too.
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    VB/HFS coil splits

    I did it to my older CE24 that has hfs and gb pickups. I think they sound pretty good. But your opinion may vary. I took the rotary out and put a three way toggle, put a push pull pot in both volume and tone positions so as to be able to split independently. And I also used the resistors...
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    2018 1Q Concert Anticipation

    Saw G3 last night in DC. Awesome show! Joe played some of his new songs, he's still going strong
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    2018 1Q Concert Anticipation

    G3 in February in D.C. Looking forward to it!
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    Nancy Hearts 1978 Prs

    Just came into my subs. Thought it was pretty cool to see an early PRS.
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    Private Stock Friday

    Ah man! That semi hollow 594 with trem! Now we're talking!
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    Something in a FedEx Box... (edit: Sergio gets the White Westie)

    Wow! You guys are really awesome! Enjoy it Serge!
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    Best PRS for slide guitar?

    Thanks John!
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    Best PRS for slide guitar?

    Hey John! Love your videos on PG. Can you tell us more about your guitar, like the electronics layout?
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    2016 Experience Photo & Gossip Thread

    Man! I was supposed to go but something came up, so now I won't be able to come. Have a great time everyone, and please don't forget us who couldn't come! Take lots of pics!
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    Help with cu24 electronics repair

    I can't really tell for sure, but on your push pull pot, the part with the six lugs, is any of the solder from each lug touching the other solder or lugs? Not trying to knock your work because I'm certainly no expert, but you really don't need so much solder on those lugs. If any of them are...
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    Help with cu24 electronics repair

    Could you get a closer pic of the volume pot, like you did withe tone?
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    Help with cu24 electronics repair

    Ahh! I stand corrected! I was looking at the lower drawing. You should be able to use either one. As long as everything is connected correctly
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    Help with cu24 electronics repair

    Also looks like the output jack is connected to the volume pot casing. It is supposed to be on the middle lug of the volume pot. That's the real thick black wire
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    Help with cu24 electronics repair

    It's kinda hard to see real clear, but one thing I notice, is that it looks like your ground wire and tone cap wire need to be swapped on the tone pot. I'm referring to the yellow wire and the ground wire next to it. According to the schematic your yellow tone cap wire should be from center lug...
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    The Sunday Funnies

    I love Calvin and Hobbes! Thanks for posting these ruger.
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    NEW Forum Truss Rod Cover Design Contest

    Awesome! I like Lynn's also. That one gets my vote, if it counts.
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    NGFD...Please Help me identify this creepy face on my NPSG...

    I think it looks like the punisher.
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    The XPRS13 Photo Thread

    is that a rw neck?!