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    'Core' Production Acoustic

    I posted a thread about this same subject in the general section asking about my 2010 and 2009 Tonare Grands and what the difference between those and the new Private stock instruments. The quality on these older acoustics are so good that I can't see any room for improvement aside from maybe...
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    A Full Understanding of Private Stock vs others?

    I have two Tonare Grand Acoustic guitars and one PRS SC-J Limited Edition Archtop. All of them feel like they are top of the line instruments. They were all well over $5000 new. I listed one of my PRS Tonare Grands for sale and made the mistake of putting that it was a Private Stock...
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    Favorite Strings for your Angelus or Tonare Grand?

    I really like D'Addario EJ24s on my Tonare Grand or Martin MSP4150.
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    Need advice. Should I stay or get out of church worship team?

    I lead worship at a slightly smaller church of about 1800 people the main sanctuary seats 1100. We have trouble finding new worship team members on a whole as well. We try to be as friendly as possible with all the band members. The drummers are the hardest to find and keep. We only have 6...
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    Want a new acoustic, help?!

    If you shop long and hard from time to time a U.S. Built angelus or tonare grand will pop up for sale under $3k used. It requires a lot of patience and some luck.
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    I'm officialy a PRS Convert late NGDs thread.

    Its its an SC-J or sometimes they pull up on eBay under sc jumbo. It's a hair shy of 17" at the lower bought. It has arch top prs pickups. It's all solid woods with a carved top and back. It's just a crazy killer high end guitar!
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    New Guitar Day: 3-Mike-7

    Looks great congrats!!! I think it may have 1 to many strings though! :proud:
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    PRS acoustic prices

    Simple answer is yes PRS US built acoustics compete well in that $5000-$10,000. I was an acoustic guitar nut for a long time before I played and owned a PRS Tonare Grand.
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    I'm officialy a PRS Convert late NGDs thread.

    I've been a long time Gretsch electric guitar player and a total acoustic guitar nut. I've owned some of the best Gretsch electrics available including some of the US Custom shop models. I've also owned some great acoustic guitars from some of the best brands and solo luthiers like Kevin Ryan...
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    Introduce yourself!

    I'm new here from the California Bay Area. I recently started using a PRS Tonare Grand as my main acoustic. I'm going to post about it and my PRS electric in the main forum section. -Bobby