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  1. J

    Why are PRS Tuners so ugly?

    3+ pages of replies but yet noone has really answered your original question. Why are the tuners so damn ugly? They always design the tuners to be as ugly as the old yahoos who are playing the guitars!
  2. J

    NGD Tremonti - You Knew it Was Coming!!

    Love that pitty tink!
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    Ham fisted idiot with a new guitar needs advice

    I also have the SE Standard 24 which I bought last year. I changed the nut on mine myself, which is fairly easy to do. As far as tuning stability it got really good when I finally took it to a good setup guy. As far as the tremolo goes, if you don't use it then block it. I only go...
  4. J

    Changing pu´s on a PRS, is it a sin?

    I thought it was a sin to not change the pickups???
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    50 Year Old Sh!tty Guitar Players Club... who's in?

    OK, think I got another verse. Cars and guitars. The old lady's pissed. Cars and guitars. Always on her **** list. Cars and guitars. No maybe or might. Cars and guitars. No way I get any tonight.
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    50 Year Old Sh!tty Guitar Players Club... who's in?

    Oh I don't much think guitar store people care as long as you're not playing one of the "five songs you don't play in Guitar Center". Do a youtube search on that one, but it's basically Crazy Train (intro riff), Smoke on the Water, Sweet Home Alabama, Sweet Child of Mine (intro), and of course...
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    I am 51 and will be 52 in May. Only recently acquired my first PRS and although it's just a SE Standard I'm loving it. I'm amazed by the quality of this guitar that only cost me $400 initially. Hoping I'll be able to buy a 2nd in the near future, this one probably a non trem. I like the...
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    50 Year Old Sh!tty Guitar Players Club... who's in?

    I hear you on the shingles. I had a case of shingles four years ago. I had different symptoms for two months before I finally broke out. Mine went across my chest and all the way down my right arm. I think most people just think of it as a bad skin rash or ailment, but they don't realize...
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    50 Year Old Sh!tty Guitar Players Club... who's in?

    Of course you're in! I plan to be 50 for at least another 35 or 40 years, and I plan to be a sh!tty guitarist until the point where I can no longer pick up a guitar. My ultimate goal is to live to be 95 and be shot by a jealous husband. I guess we'll see if that plan can work out!
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    50 Year Old Sh!tty Guitar Players Club... who's in?

    Personally I think that PRS should come out with a special guitar for us. I think there are enough members of this club to support that. How about a PRS guitar shaped like a walking cane? Maybe with Depends inlays? Just an idea.
  11. J

    50 Year Old Sh!tty Guitar Players Club... who's in?

    Very proud to be a charter member! Will be 52 in May...
  12. J

    Does your PRS make you a better player?

    Either way you slice it or dice it, I'm still a member of the 50 year old shitty guitarist club. I'm just a happier member of the 50 year old shitty guitarist club.
  13. J

    New member new Holcomb SE

    If you've only got six then you're real problem is you need a 7th. Might as well have one for every day of the week!
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    The Christmas Kitty...

    I hope she doesn't knock one of those guitars off of the chair. That could be a real cat-astrophe!
  15. J

    The Christmas Kitty...

    Shouldn't surprise anybody that he appears to be after the birds!
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    PRS SE Standard or SE Custom? Which is more value for money?

    I've got the SE Standard 24 and I think it's the best buy out there. Sounds good, and plays good, and has a usable tremolo that stays in tune without the hassle of a Floyd Rose. Just recently took mine for a setup and after having it worked on it's just about perfect. I paid $400 for it...
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    Waiting... I hate it.

    Oh yeah! Every country needs to have a division!
  18. J

    Waiting... I hate it.

    Welcome to the 50 year old shitty guitarist club! Just enjoy playing it, that's all that matters.
  19. J

    Total Beginner: Neck Profile

    I also have small hands/short fingers, and I prefer the thin neck profile myself. I was shopping for either a SE Standard 24 or a Standard 245. Would have preferred the 245 I think because of the scale, but it didn't feel all that comfortable to play. It had a wide fat profile. When I...