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  1. Desperado

    PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo

    I hope you get it sorted, I was looked after very well by both the store and PRS Europe who got me a replacement as soon as they possibly could. Clearly there are a few issues with the electronics in some of these guitars. My replacement has been completely fine, no issues whatsoever after...
  2. Desperado

    PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo

    It was an unwound string. I don't use wound G strings. The guitar is being swapped over today, the store had to wait a while to get a blue one in and I have been on holiday too so there have been some delays. They are looking after me though. The one arriving today has been tested and works as...
  3. Desperado

    PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo

    Thanks, I'm just waiting for them to get another in stock, they are selling these really fast here in the UK. I'll give them another call tomorrow for an update as I'm leaving for France on Friday for a couple of weeks. They are a decent store so I know they'll do their best for me.
  4. Desperado

    PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo

    Shawn from the PTC e-mailed me. Apparently with the SE model there is no way to adjust the individual string volume of the piezo. This unfortunately means that I will need to return the guitar, which is a real shame as I actually really like it.
  5. Desperado

    PRS SE Hollowbody II Piezo

    I bought one of these guitars, and overall it's great, the problem I have is the G string is much louder than the other strings when the piezo is engaged. I'm wondering how I can turn down the individual string volume. I looked on the PRS site and it stated that volume adjustment can be made...
  6. Desperado

    SE Hollowbody Piezo!

    I haven't posted here for ages, but these things have blown my mind. I gotta have one!
  7. Desperado

    Bridge Pin Puller

    Ummm, I guess I'm the only one who uses my teeth then...?
  8. Desperado

    A10E vs Angelus Standard

    Just order both and send one back... :)
  9. Desperado

    A10E vs Angelus Standard

    I played the A10e over the weekend and boy, it was a sweet guitar for a low cost model. As usual with the SE range, it feels far more expensive than it actually is. The tone was actually quite mellow. Lots of clarity but a Len said you get those mids really shining through. Nice warmth and...
  10. Desperado

    My first PRS.

    We're not meant to discuss prices here but let's just clear it up by saying you paid in the upper area of their value. That said, PRS guitars play so nicely, what you paid will be insignificant when you compare it to other used guitars in the same price range. It will feel like a bargain.
  11. Desperado

    The all new PRS 2015 S2 series!

    So apart from the Anniversary Editions, what is the difference between theregular 2015 S2 CU24 and previous ones? I had no idea there had been a change in spec.
  12. Desperado

    npd zoom g5

    I've had the G5 for a couple of years. It was a bit daunting at first but once you find your way around it, it's a great piece of kit. I use mine a lot for recording via Audacity, it works great.
  13. Desperado

    Buying my First PRS help!

    He is in Europe I believe. By the time he has added shipping and import taxes it will be well over his budget.
  14. Desperado

    Buying my First PRS help!

    If it MUST be new and you've only got a budget of 2000 Euros then you're going to be looking at the S2 range. You are not going to get a new PRS core range guitar for 2000 Euros. That said, they DO have a B Stock 408 Standard, but really you'll need to play one if possible. The 408s are not...
  15. Desperado

    Just bought a new PRS. What do you guys think?

    Nice! Those 53/10s are sought after so if you did want to sell they would fetch a great price
  16. Desperado

    SE Alex Lifeson Thinline Acoustic!

    Ignore the UK release date and find someone in the USA who will ship it to you. Over here they are going to be sold for £889.00 (or just over $1300). It's a total rip off. The US price is the equivilent of £537.00. Even with international shipping and customs fees, you will still get it for...
  17. Desperado

    HELP !! PRS Newbie just made 1st purchase and need feedback. THANKS!!!!

    There is nothing wrong with the S2 line, but the USA core range are just amazing. I love black gold and yours looks beautiful. You will soon realise what a great decision you have made. The extra money you paid may not be obvious to some, but in my opinion it goes to a number of small things...
  18. Desperado

    PRS vs Telecaster

    Indeed. Different guitars do different things and I don't believe there is a Swiss Army knife of guitars that will give you everything you need. I like and own a variety of brands and models and can cover most sounds with what I have. I don't think PRS can cover all sounds/tones with all...
  19. Desperado

    PRS vs Telecaster

    Get the Amercan Vintage '64 Tele. It's widely agreed that it's probably the best production Telecaster available. I have one, it's amazing. Plenty of twang but has a neck pickup that can be real sweet. Whilst I believe other guitars will get you close to a Tele. Not close enough IMO. I spent...
  20. Desperado

    New S2 Singlecut...Pickups?

    I've always been of the opinion that if you want that Les Paul tone, you need a Les Paul. Other guitars get you close, but often not close enough. I personally think the McCarty and the SC58 are the ones that get closest in PRS terms. A change in pickups in your S2 may help but you may still...