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  1. markd21

    PRS quality: 1980's vs 90's vs 00's vs 10's vs 20's.....

    THIS!! I had tried various PRS' from '91-''98 into the early '00s. They were okay, but with such a "proprietary" as PRS, I didn't feel inclined to spend the money they cost and feel the need to change the pickups. If PRS was going to keep me as a customer they'd have to do a guitar that...
  2. markd21

    My favorite PRS model

    Going through my memory of all the killer PRS guitars I have owned, I have to say my favorite model would be the pre-TCI Paul's Guitar with a trem. I've owned 2, and they were what got me so excited for the ME-V. Would rather have the old PGs again....
  3. markd21

    I prefer the PRS Silver Sky 2020 pickups over the 2022.

    Dude, I feel you. I hate the new TCI Paul's pickups like my ME-V has. I much prefer the older narrow 408s that were in my older Paul's Guitars.
  4. markd21

    Why Did You Chose a PRS Over a Fender Tele or Strat ?

    Yeah. I still play it. If it's the ONLY guitar I play I can get used to it. But that 57/08 loaded SE245 is WAY livelier. I recently got another Fender Esquire and that guitar (while brighter than I like - must have the wrong pickup in it) is very alive too. I am not sure what it is with the...
  5. markd21

    Why Did You Chose a PRS Over a Fender Tele or Strat ?

    Prior to PRS I used a Jackson PC1 for 16 years. I was flirting with EBMM guitars, but decided I wanted 22 frets and a fatter neck. Landed an SC245 57/08 LTD for $1499 and was SOLD. Dumped the Jacksons I had and the EBMM guitars and went whole hog PRS. Had a lot of nice ones. The charm has kind...
  6. markd21

    My Westy had its makeover!!

    That is rad!!!!
  7. markd21

    What did you practice with/gig this week?

    I am in the Tampa area again - Brandon, FL. I HATE it compared to TN, but I'm making great money again, lol. I'd love to do one of those concert cruises.
  8. markd21

    What did you practice with/gig this week?

    I feel you!! I am having a new laptop built: 16GB RAM 1TB SSD 11th Gen intel i7 Hopefully it'll have enough power. We're writing in MIDI, but the stems will bounced to audio. We'll run any effects (not feeling we'll need many) from the XR18. Here's the stem listing: * kick * snare * HH *...
  9. markd21

    What did you practice with/gig this week?

    Now that I'm back in FL (@garrett) my old band Autumn's Pain is reuniting. We're going in a totally different direction. I stead of being guitar driven, we are letting the piano lead. The weird part? We are using backing tracks instead of a live band. I am running 16 stems, direct out from...
  10. markd21

    Does anyone own EBMM Music Man guitars here (and PRSi of course?)

    I have a JP15 and I played the Albert Lee HH and St. Vincent guitars before PRS. EBMM guitars are killer. I am thinking of grabbing a Mariposa at some point. From a sonic perspective, I thought the St. Vincent was the most interesting and versatile.
  11. markd21

    When did 58/15s get an LT version

    I had a 2016 594 with the LTs. That was the sweetest, most toneful guitar I have ever owned.
  12. markd21

    Paul Reed Smith SE DGT Guitar McCarty Tobacco Burst In Stock

    Wow. That is an impressive looking SE!!
  13. markd21

    State Of The Studio

    Lol, it's a good thing!! But thanks! No gear is gone, it's just in storage
  14. markd21

    State Of The Studio

    Beyond awesome!!! I "updated" my studio, too!! I am back in FL. Living with my mother-in-law. My studio is currently a laptop running Reaper with my Helix rack as the interface. Can't wait to get a job, a new house and my full room recording space back!! As always, Les, I love seeing your...
  15. markd21

    NUGD a special 594

    All I can say is: YIKES!!!!!!! I've not seen a PRS that excited me lately. Your 594 is probably the raddest one I've see ( except the one I got for myself, lol). Seriously, that is absolutely KILLER.
  16. markd21

    Anybody else wishing for more opaque finishes?

    I miss the metallic finished S2s. I had a Champagne Gold Standard 22, a Ice Blue Mist and an Aqua Singlecut Standard. Those guitars were beautiful, unique, and real "spokes guitars" for the brand. The conversations with players after shows was always: "Dude! THAT'S a PRS?! I like that WAY...
  17. markd21

    Your opinion…

    Meh. I was more creative before I knew all the rules. Like Les said, it's about being able to move past the rules and create. I knew what sounded cool, and I was a good player. I reached a plateau and wanted to pass it. Learned keys, modes, and scales. Now I find myself being controlled by the...
  18. markd21

    Another episode of amp guy vs. modeler guy!

    I will readily admit that any of the tube amps I owned will sound better than a modeler. Everyone that talks about the richness of a speaker moving air is correct. It is a glorious thing. However, it is not always practical. Guys that play live know where the volume needs to be to get the...
  19. markd21

    Another episode of amp guy vs. modeler guy!

    Amps are awesome. I loved all my amps over the years. Then I got the Helix. I instantly put it onstage. All I needed was two sounds - clean/dirty. I picked a model that felt pretty good. I didn't care what amp it was supposed to be, I was listening for a specific midrange response. Same with...