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  1. the.hatter

    The waiting game...who’s playing?

    Just arrived today - 2018 PRS SE 277 in fire red burst! I guess I’ve been going about this PRS thing backwards: First buy: PRS Custom 24 (USA core) Second buy: PRS S2 Singlecut semi-hollow Third buy: PRS SE 277. Great thing is the S2 and SE didn’t disappoint at all. But neither made me...
  2. the.hatter

    Stock pickups on Core guitars

    My $500 folk art:
  3. the.hatter

    Stock pickups on Core guitars

    Swapped for Bareknuckles. Abraxas set in my S2, and Juggernauts in my CU24.
  4. the.hatter

    S2 Mods

    Nothing really to show, but I put a set of Bareknuckle pickups in my S2 singlecut semi-hollow. Also core volume pots, and the pickup selector went bad so I installed a Switchcraft 3-way toggle. Strap locks too.
  5. the.hatter

    Tremonti Baritone Hybrid Limited Run

    When I read baritone, I think of the SE 277 (27.7" scale length). Label aside, this guitar is very appealing to me. I would mostly use it in standard tuning with 10s or 11s, where the extra tension from the longer scale would be nice. Any more I'm just not that much of a slinky, bendy player...
  6. the.hatter

    Sweet Spot Fret Buzz

    A small sample size, but I was able to get buzz free action with 4/64 bass E and 3/64 treble E at the 12th fret no problem on my S2 and Cu24, with very minor neck relief. Just a long way of saying it's not a given you'll have a buzz sweet spot. Sounds like a high fret to me. Is it only heard...
  7. the.hatter

    Talk me off the ledge... S2 Semi hollow custom 22 sounds dead

    You're experienced so you've probably done this already, but I'd go through and do a full setup - action, neck relief, pickup height etc. Maybe raise the action just to see if the strings sustain longer? Knock on the body and see if anything seems off? Pickups are a big part of the plugged in...
  8. the.hatter

    NGD-Custom 22/408 conversion

    Looks great congrats! But man lefties are startling to the eyes lol. :)
  9. the.hatter

    Show your pedal boards here!

    I really recommend "That Pedal Show"!
  10. the.hatter

    Just for fun ... My 8.2 lb? semi-hollow

    Well I discovered something new about the guitar tonight, it breathes! Had a 25w amp turned up pretty loud, on a red modern channel, so not exactly what this guitar is made for (but mix in some delay and a lot of fun for me). Then I feel something breathing on the forearm of my pick hand - the...
  11. the.hatter

    Show your pedal boards here!

    Analogman King of Tone. Long waiting list, unless you're willing to pay double the price on reverb, eBay, etc. Supposed to be a really good overdrive, two stackable sides, filled with magic or some nonsense lol.
  12. the.hatter

    Show your pedal boards here!

    Thanks! I like the Tight Metal Jr a lot. It has a couple switches for EQ to make it a little more versatile, which could maybe give you a mid-boost? You are giving up features of the larger versions though (obviously). It's not my favorite for low gain, but nails Metallica to modern metal...
  13. the.hatter

    Show your pedal boards here!

    Here's my main board, DIY built. Saving a spot for a special purple overdrive :) (only about 1 more year left to wait): Two surprises on the bottom - I'm hiding a Visual Sounds/True Tone buffer, and secondly these are all powered off a Fuel Tank Jr. (with an open spot to boot, and it's...
  14. the.hatter

    Why was my thread deleted?

    This makes a lot of sense too.
  15. the.hatter

    Why was my thread deleted?

    Not to fan any flames here, and I didn't see the deleted thread, but I checked out the "Official Forum Rules - Read 'em!", and don't see that you can't mention a non-PRS brand? I'm not saying the rule doesn't exist, just I thought it would have been in there? Frankly I'm a newer member here...
  16. the.hatter


    Obsidian- It can be a bit of a WTF color lol. Most days I love it. I care less for the yellowish tint it gets in really bright light. The top is very dynamic in person though.
  17. the.hatter

    Hi! I just have to comment on some weird *almost* coincidences I've seen between us today: - I...

    Hi! I just have to comment on some weird *almost* coincidences I've seen between us today: - I have an elephant grey S2 semi-hollow singlecut - I'm a Jeep Wrangler enthusiast - My birthday is May 7 - I live in Auburn, IN - I have a Mesa Mini Rectifier 25 (and 1x12 slant cab) Have a good one!
  18. the.hatter

    The last one......................again

    Awesome! My local CL has had one of the hog top core Miras available (and bird inlays, under a grand) for too long, but I must resist .... :)
  19. the.hatter

    New S2 Mira from MusiciansFriend shipped with wrong bridge?!

    I've heard that the S2 models get the same aluminum stoptail as the Core line. The SE models get a zinc version. I've got the non-adjustable stoptail on my 2015 S2 Semi Singlecut, and the intonation set up fine with a low action and 10s. As long as you can get good intonation then you're not...
  20. the.hatter

    Newbie question about PRS ranking.

    I'm not sure I would rank Wood Library as high as some have. Per PRS's description of it, it's just a menu based offering that allows for different combinations of wood. And they add "The common misconception is that the quality of the wood in the wood library is unique. That’s not the case...