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  1. RedRiverII

    50 Year Old Sh!tty Guitar Players Club... who's in?

    I'm sixty five but play like a shitty six year old. Does that make me 59 and eligible? -6 handicap.
  2. RedRiverII

    Crazy Storm, Crazy Day - Ice Dragon

    That ought to keep the aliens at bay.
  3. RedRiverII

    NGD - My CE24 talked me into a friend...

    Very nice indeed.
  4. RedRiverII

    Changing Out Strap Buttons - Any Risk?

    Thanks for starting this thread. Even though I knew the guitar was a hunk of wood, for some reason I was fearful as well. Screws and wood are good, stay away from nails though. Nails and guitars wood don't go as well together.
  5. RedRiverII

    Malcolm Young-R.I.P.

    A loss once more, prayers sent.
  6. RedRiverII

    If you could go to any forum members music room...

    Sammy Ash visits here? I'd go to his place.
  7. RedRiverII

    last night l caught a thief

    If you had one bowl and needed to feed a fox and a hedgehog separately in what order would you do it? I'm glad it's only a two part question, the one with the fox, chicken, bird feed and row boat still has me flummoxed.
  8. RedRiverII


    Instant a-wholes, just add alcohol.
  9. RedRiverII

    The One That Got Away

    Good looking out folks. I just wrote elsewhere that I had missed an artists package while deciding too long. Let me go see, and post what I missed. Nice to see Sergio and Bodia for having your back, Iknowalittle. Very cool indeed.
  10. RedRiverII

    My new DGT Artist Package

    Lovely guitar, obvious attention to detail, awesome package. I particularly enjoy the stripe neck. I missed an artist's package on one of the sites due to waiting too long, I'm glad you got yours. I hope on your upcoming video we see you riding that thing. I hate to see it in a stable...
  11. RedRiverII

    Did some horse trading recently

    Cool. Hear ya!
  12. RedRiverII

    My Wife is amazing

    You made my eyes water. I always consider a married couples relationship sacrosanct, she is definitely on your team, and way beyond all others. Beautiful, beautiful story and the guitars are nice too.
  13. RedRiverII

    Did some horse trading recently

    Monster top for sure, well done. Any horse trading tips? There ought to be some details on the trade if horse trading is mentioned. " Well I remember this here one time... "
  14. RedRiverII

    McCartney At M.S.G. 9/15

    Great stuff, thanks for the post.
  15. RedRiverII

    Paul's weekly "Guitar Talk"

    Wow, if that color pops any more she's going to explode.
  16. RedRiverII

    Introduce yourself!

    Welcome all.
  17. RedRiverII

    Work for PRS Guitars

    Good Luck to anyone seriously considering the opportunity provided here. I'm serious. It's not everyday that a position to start at the bottom with a premium company gets advertised and offered to the public. Thankfully hard work never scared me and I never expected my employer to take care...
  18. RedRiverII

    Paul's weekly "Guitar Talk"

    Loved the way the color popped after the clear spray. I'm glad Paul expressed that it might be maddening while doing the fine detail, my heart was in my throat just watching that guy, and I'm not even involved. Good job boys.
  19. RedRiverII

    Paul's weekly "Guitar Talk"

    It's just a supreme type finish. Meaning it'll be more durable for the long term. i.e. Your great, great, grandson is gonna love playing your rig one day. Willie Nelson's Trigger might not have had that famous hole in it if it were treated with today's finish. Maybe it would. In any event...