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    McCarty choked strings - new bridge?

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll contact the PTC for a setup, etc.
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    McCarty choked strings - new bridge?

    I have a small issue with my McCarty (stoptail). Years ago, I had replaced the original all-aluminum PRS bridge with the aluminum with brass touchpoints on each string. I was having issues breaking strings with the older bridge. The new bridge fixed the string breakage, but ever since then...
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    Orange.. Whats been your Favorites?

    Is that a one-piece top on the DGT? Not many of them around. Killer look on a killer guitar. Frank
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    Quality Control of PRS Packaged Strings

    I've been a regular purchaser of the PRS 9.5 electric guitar strings. I believe they are OEM-ed from D'Addario. Over the past 6 months I've noticed there's been a drop in quality of these strings. In particular the high strings are not smooth as they used to be. Even a relative of mine who's...
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    Jimmy Herring and John McLaughlin jam Wow... Jimmy's guitar tone sounds awesome. Looks like the discontinued NF3 but that's some killer sustain. Why would PRS discontinue something that sounds like that? Frank
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    PRS 9.5 strings compared to 10's

    Someone told me the PRS 9.5 strings are rebranded D'Addario 9.5s. Anyone know if this is true? The D'Addarios are 2 dollars less per pack.
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    Experience 2013 Artist list!

    Yep. Indeed he is, but when did Lance switch from his Strats? He was pretty much a die-hard Strat man for years.