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    NGD: PRS SE 245 (Gold Metallic)

    Awesome, congrats! I remember seeing that guitar there a while ago, but haven't been in there recently. Great people working there.
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    Singlecut S2 Tonal Issues

    I am thinking about the same kit for my singlecut. Did you get the standard PRS upgrade, or did you customize it? What exactly did you feel you gained with the RS electronics? Thanks!
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    New guy, new toy(s).... :)

    Very nice collection! Welcome. You will gain a lot of knowledge, and lose a lot of money hanging around here! I don't think that I saw you post it, but what amp do you have?
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    Rules of tone

    Yes, I watched a vintage video of Clapton explaining the woman tone, and every once and a while sit down and noodle around with it, very cool! I did it last night as a matter of fact.
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    Summer concert anticipation?!?!?

    Rock on the Range is here in Columbus, but I have never been to it. Maybe this year...Just checked, Chili Peppers, Shinedown, Megadeath, Rob Zombie, among others
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    Oh noooooooooooooo, I stopped by my dealer today

    Glad you found the love for your ZM. It is amazing what a great setup can do. I swear, my SE One was setup before I bought it, and it feels and plays better than just about anything I ever picked up. Crazy for how little I payed for it. Nice S2 as well, I am a big fan.
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    NGD I am in the Club

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    You big tease!
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    New Guitar Day PRS S2 Standard 24 satin

    Congrats! I love my satin singlecut. The neck feels amazing, and it's just a rock machine!
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    S2 Finish Flake at Neck Joint...

    Great to hear, thanks for the update.
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    Guitar World PRS S2 Singlecut Standard Satin

    Welcome to the worlds largest bar!
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    PRS S2 Japan Colors

    LOVE the orange! Maybe some retailer will order a special run? Wouldn't mind seeing a lime green and yellow version as well.
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    Guitar World PRS S2 Singlecut Standard Satin

    Come on, just go in and check 'em out, no harm in that! You are under no obligation to buy anything!
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    Guitar World PRS S2 Singlecut Standard Satin

    Hey, that's my guitar! I really like mine, a lot, and it was also perfect. My first choice was black, but the red grew on me real quick like!
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    NGD: SE singlecut

    Looks VERY nice!
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    Help to choose a PRS guitar? :)

    Yeah...that Gibby headstock is like the sirens' song, stearing me straight into the rocky shore every time! :confused: OP, good luck on your search, you have a nice budget, and should find something that you'll love.
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    Best Rock Riff

    Yeah, but still. :D
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    Playlist of artists we lost in 2015

    OK, so I just figured out how to post videos! ;) A tribute to Lemmy, which was a tribute to the Ramones (or some sort of homage). Love this song.
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    Best Rock Riff

    Yep. Crank this one up. (Video added above)