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    I'll dive in...
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    Happy Happy Joy Joy

    And the beat goes on…Everyday is a gift. I know you will make the most of it Les.
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    NGD - SC58 AP Natural

    I swapped my bridge 57/08 out for a 53/10 on mine and love it!!!
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    INCOMING...Being that it's grilling season and all....

    Stunning…PRSs like this will always make you pause when you open the case and put it away with a smile. Congrats!!!
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    pimping my 513

    I went with ebony on my 513. Do it!!!
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    Good Vibes

    Praying for you and your family...
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    Incoming! A brother for my McCarty Singlecut

    I really love the feel of my rosewood neck PRSs…great times lie ahead my friend.
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    NGD: Wood Library Custom 24

    Great guitar…
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    Beautiful build Les!!! A great addition to your quiver. :top:
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    N Effin' Three!!!

    Enjoy the new addition. I love my SAS with narrow fields. As you have discovered, the volume knob is your friend :top:
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    Bogner Burnley Distortion Pedal Meets PRS DG30 And HOTG

    G.A.S. inducing review, Les and a fun, tone-full looking rig, Mark…
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    Anybody had a re-fret done on an ebony fretboard?

    I love stainless steel frets for the feel, playability and durability. I have had Jim Crawford of Jim Crawford Guitars do all my guitars and have literally handed him brand new out-of-the-box PRSs to get setup and have stainless frets put on. Jim has done stainless steel re-frets to my guitars...
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    Private Stock Friday

    What amp is Jimmy playing through?
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    Bridge Tarnishing?

    Me too. Thanks!!!!
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    The "Kissing Shawn's @ss Thread".

    I hope to meet Shawn in person some day and buy him a beer or 4….
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    Private Stock Friday

    She's a dirty girl...
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    Stolen Guitars - Brian's Guitars

    Bummer Brian…Will be on the look out for these guitars.
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    Playing Joe Perry's Rig

    Well, that ones checked off the bucket list… what an opportunity!!!!
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    After a year, finally I brought PRS to play Live!

    Sick shot… beautiful 408.