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  1. Saruman

    Let's talk about Beer, man!

    Never learnt to drink beer, not from my building laborour dad, not while at the university. Whiskey it is nowadays, with Glen Garioch as the go-to stuff, and the more smokey malts for treats (Caol Ila, Lagavulin)
  2. Saruman

    The Song Title Game

    Happy House - Siouxsie & the Banshees
  3. Saruman

    I blacked it out what do you think

    You're very generous lending her your little ponies to play with :)
  4. Saruman

    An Odd Question

    I've got a Roland Micro Cube amp, 2 Watt, 5" speaker, can run on batteries as well as AC adapter. At around €99, consider buying this little puppy for your future almost-acoustic sessions. It's got controls for tone, effects, delay/reverb, and even got an Acoustic sound setting that suits my...
  5. Saruman

    Too Much Information?

    I find I need a new abbreviation, I'll label it PDNSTFU: Please Do Not STFU!
  6. Saruman

    Any manchilds out there?

    Civilization V! And Rocksmith 2014 a bit...
  7. Saruman

    Petition for "PTC Europe"

    I'm all for it - and hopefully I'll have the dough to spend at PTC Europe by the time they get started
  8. Saruman

    Q: PRS SE Angelus body construction materials

    For the Angelus SE Custom, PRS site states "rosewood" for the sides. That it's laminated can be seen from the absence of the word "solid". That the sides are not mixed is seen from the absence of the mentioning of such wood. If it were spruce with rosewood veneer, it would most certainly state...
  9. Saruman

    Song Lyrics: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    Cliché In the line of The Good: my favourite artist Fish wrote what I consider the best love song ever: Cliché (1990). It helps that Frank Usher does the guitar solos (multiple solos fit in a 7:01 song :biggrin:) "I've got a reputation of being a man with the gift of words Romantic poetic type...
  10. Saruman

    Explain Your Handle Thread

    Saruman the melodic wizard (Hmm I actually need this picture with Saruman holding a metallic red Santana :laugh:) I first read Lord of the Rings in '78. Then, mid '80s when I started programming VIC20 and Commodore 64, I created a start screen for my little programs that read "Saruman...
  11. Saruman

    PRS Acoustic Owners - Who's Out There?

    Angelus SE Custom w/pickups I'll show you mine. I must note that I'm an electric player (prog/alternative rock) so my customized Santana SE is my workhorse. However, buying the Angelus has upped the percentage of acoustic hours with a considerable margin :cool: The lighting is part daylight...
  12. Saruman

    Guitar Porn: Two naked PRSi hit the sheets...

    Agreed! So I don't see myself buying a new electric guitar any time soon (but an amp, that's a different matter :rolleyes:).
  13. Saruman

    Guitar Porn: Two naked PRSi hit the sheets...

    Blergh, forgot about the certificate stuff - in my defence, it was 0:30AM local time when I created the post. Fixed it.
  14. Saruman

    Guitar Porn: Two naked PRSi hit the sheets...

    One of the few chores I can enjoy: fretboard cleaning. There's something rewarding in taking care of your instruments. Here they are, my two SE beauties, not dressed in their strings, lying on an old bedsheet, waiting for the last bit of fretboard cleaner to evaporate. I just love my beauties.
  15. Saruman

    Music Theory Trivia

    ... long boring answer... If no one knows, it may be of interest to look up the "pythagorean hammers". Pythagoras found that frequencies that are in certain proportions to each other sound well (consonant) while the rest sounds not so well (dissonant). The proportions that sound well are 1:1...
  16. Saruman

    How much is a gallon of regular gas near you?

    $8,81 per gallon for regular (Euro95) here in the Netherlands. Mikegarveyblues' price of $9,65/UK Gallon would be around $8.03 per US gallon, so it seems I "win" :(. Ah well, for every liter I put in my tank (at €1,78) I can feel proud to be sponsoring such needy organizations as my country's...
  17. Saruman

    Music Theory Trivia

    A) correct B) nope.. the 7 note scale is a somewhat arbitrary choice within the 12 semitone octave.You play different scales as well: "blues scale" which is hexatonic, pentatonic scales, which are, umm, pentatonic, and jazz does octatonic. The reason that so many scales "work" has to do...
  18. Saruman

    Music Theory Trivia

    OK let me throw in a slightly more challenging question: A) what is the definition of an octave (I'm looking for a physics answer, not "12 semi-tones") B) why do we have 12 frets in an octave, instead of, say, 13 or 11?
  19. Saruman

    Music Theory Trivia

    Ummm... they contain 9 notes, among which al the 7 notes of the scale itself? In Cmajor, the triads are I = Cmaj = C/E/G = 1/3/5 IV = Fmaj = F/A/C = 4/6/1 V = Gmaj = G/B/D = 5/7/2