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    Still don't know why the Studio and the NFs had to go

    ...well clearly it was due to low sales. Or maybe not so clearly? Maybe they were expensive to make (the Studio model)? Maybe just not cost effective to manufacture another bobbin and everything? I played my Studio yesterday in about 300degree direct sweat-drenched sunshine. WARNING: This is...
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    Ebony vs Rosewood Fretboard?

    To the OP, thank you for calling it a fretboard and not a fingerboard. It is not a fiddle lol. I prefer the feel of ebony. Almost impossible to A/B an ebony board with anything else though. Hard to say just how much the ebony contributes to the tone. I'd say go for what you like the feel of the...
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    SE 245 Upgrades.

    Skip the new nut. IF you are experiencing binding, file it. There is NO NEED for a new nut. It will do NOTHING for your tone. If it would only be on OPEN strings. The SE nuts are fine unless you go up to fatter strings than it came with and you get binding. Otherwise..pretty pointless.
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    The Emperor has new nuts!!

    Can anyone post some spectrum analysis or just a recording that displays the tonal difference a nut makes when strings are fretted please? Everyone claims they get this amazingly better and more resonant tone once you "upgrade" those pesky SE nuts. Sure, like any nut, they can bind if you use...
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    SE Mods

    I don't mean to single anyone-out guys are still "hearing" a difference in nuts? Do you all only play open strings? You do realize that as soon as you fret a note the nut is out of the equation right? If it binds, FILE it. :-)
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    PRS SE Custom 24 Pickup Upgrade

    PICKUPS and Pickup Magnets 101. Here we GO! Late to the party but... My favourite humbucker is the Duncan Custom Custom. It is nice and hot but also nice and vintage (classic) sound and they can be had for $50ea on eBay fairly easily. It will not really be what you are after though because of...
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    The Bernie Marsden Signature

    Everyone is right! It's the fingers. It's the fatter neck. It's the fingers. It's the fingers. Oopsies. The neck join..that will have an effect too if it's more like a LP than like a PRS. I am putting more and more weight (pun intended) into what the neck contributes in the tone department...
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    Best pickups for me

    Unfortunately I cant comment on how the 59/09s compare to the others even though I have a 59/09 and a 57/08. The 59/09 is a neck/bass pup and the 57/08 is a bridge/Treble pup. They were also in different guitars. I love a good neck pickup. Has to be nice and warm and womany but not undefined...
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    New S2 Singlecut...Pickups?

    Isnt a Les Paul Studio even CHEAPER than an S2? AND it's made in the USA. Workmanship is good on the ones I've seen and tried. The Koreans DO do a great job on the S2 and SE lines though. The Bernie Marsden SE (as was mentioned earlier) gets pretty Les Paul-ish and it IS less than a LP Studio...
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    PRS SE Tremonti Replacement Nut

    I'll ask it again. WHY do you want a new nut? Is the stock one binding and causing tuning issues? If so, thats what nutfiles can be used for. As for any tonal difference...the second you fret a string the nut id out of the equation. Nuts dont make tone. Maybe on the open strings...slightly...but...
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    The New Zack Myers After a Few Months

    Don't have a ZM but I definitely have a #1. A couple of them actually and tied for that #1 slot, even though I have US PRSs and other American and more expensive probably my Tremonti SE Custom. AMAZING. And me too ...I love the WT carves.
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    Would have posted this in the amp forum but that is for discussion of PRS amps and...ok so.. I played my first Marshall in like '83 or '84. Until then I had played pretty "normal" amps. Actually it turns out that a lot of them were very cool amps. Some early Traynors and Fenders and...
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    What pedals do I need for this Tone?

    Hands, hair and Canada Dry!
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    Digital Audio Labs Stompblox - Modular Pedalboards

    Ziptie anchor points? lol. Anyway...I don't know man. My pedalboard is really heavy. Those look kinda flimsy...or like they would be if you connected 3 of them side by side. Do they have modular cases too? How do you pack those 3 or 4 odd shaped/oddly arranged modular boards into something...
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    Aftermarket Narrowfield replacement pickups!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah it does. It's too bad I think. Wouldn't mind sticking a P90 in one of those NF slots. In the end though...I do love them as hey are. One day a 3D printer. First thing I might make with it... black NF rings. Maybe lol.
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    Introducing new upgrade BRASS Sustain Block for PRS SE & S2 trem bridges

    Not seeing them for sale yet. Is it NEXT week that they are landing? Are we allowed to mention items we have for sale now in this forum? Or is that only for authorized PRS dealers? ALL Authorized PRS dealers? Looking forward to seeing the pricing on these and to hearing reviews. WANT!! I think...
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    Aftermarket Narrowfield replacement pickups!!!!!!!!!

    I would mostly agree with that. With the right bucker though, splitting it just makes an actual SC tone. I HATED my Studio's split tone when it had the 57/08 (mostly because it was SO weak compared to the NFs in the middle an neck slots) but when I swapped that pup for a different one, the split...
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    Acoustic Pre-amp for P22

    Some great suggestions here from some evidently pretty serious acoustic guys. I don't have a P22 or 24 but they are piezo transducers in the saddles so shouldn't be much or any different than a real acoustic with an UST. SO... Plugging an acoustic guitar (whether it has UST, SBT, soundhole mag...
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    PRS SE weight difference

    Jimi, it is not only EJ who can hear different batteries in pedals. You too would hear the difference in a fuzzface between a new alkaline and a cheap carbon battery. They act differently (the batteries) and sound quite different. The good old "he can hear the difference in BATTERIES.." is not...
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    Guitar Care and Maintenance

    I play my guitars pretty hard and often. I sweat like pig. No...WORSE than a PIG :-( and my sweat is toxic and corrosive. Depending on what exactly you want to do there are lots of products and methods. FWIW though I have never really bought or tried any actual specialized guitar cleaners or...