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  1. django49

    What is your next PRS and why?

    I need to SELL 3 or 4 before I dare snag another......
  2. django49

    judge me somthing wrong with my prs 513 or i dont like prs sound

    Where are you located? Perhaps someone here could point you to a good person in your area to do a full evaluation. The 513 model is great. You should not have that sort of problem(s) unless, perhaps, the guitar was severely abused or modified. If necessary, it may well be worth shipping it to...
  3. django49

    Is it wrong I want to bust this up.....

    I know what my BRW Tele weighs.....I can only imagine what that thing weighs in at.
  4. django49

    The Brown guitar thread!

    We are in the same time zone. Perhaps we can get together sometime in the more settled future. FWIW, I have one more Sephir than I "need". Never can tell.....We might find some things we can trade!
  5. django49

    The Brown guitar thread!

    True about works of art. Hard to make a blanket statement. I would say the Sephir is possibly THE "Les Paul" I always dreamed of. If I had to choose, I may well take that one over my Orca 59 and a couple Private Stock Singlecuts. And the goldtop Embrace (Worntage 57) makes me just as happy...
  6. django49

    The Brown guitar thread!

    There must be a few more......
  7. django49

    The Brown guitar thread!

    It IS a sickness! Now WHERE did the REST of them go?
  8. django49

    The Brown guitar thread!

    Way too many. Some PRSi, some not.....
  9. django49

    The Goldtop Appreciation Thread

    I am a sucker for goldtops, ever since I had an original '56. Longer story that! I HAD a Custom 2 goldtop years ago. Another longer story about it, a Marshall stack and a Calif. earthquake....... At present, I have only the ME Quatro in that finish, as it relates to PRS. And I cannot locate a...
  10. django49

    Mesa/Boogie joins Gibson

    I have had a LOT of Gibsons over the years, The last one, a great older 335, left a few years back. Having found something much better, I do not really miss it. I understand their new guitars, at least at the "custom" level, are great. I just have no need to go back. (Among other things, some...
  11. django49

    The Great 'Red' Guitar Thread

    Do they all need to be PRSi? My first Custom 24, way back in 1991, was red. But long gone. At least one of these should count. But so long as I have the other pix.....Inc a couple with Brazilian necks..... Some of these have long since passed out of here, so upgraded pix are no longer...
  12. django49

    Rosewood neck longevity and care

    I have always said the rosewood necks are more "hi fi" and I am sticking to that story. That does NOT mean "sterile". I just think they ring and sustain a little stronger. Not as much as if the body is also solid rosewood, but you get the drift.
  13. django49

    Celestion alnico

    The Cream is my favorite all time speaker. Using it in a Forte 3D type cabinet works best of what I have tried.....Sort of a best of open and closed back thing. A single 1 x 12 sounds 3 feet tall and 5 feet wide. I will admit that I like even more two 1 x12s stacked, the lower one with an...
  14. django49

    Think PRS will ever make a Tele?

    Now maybe if they came out with a version that was all Brazilian Rosewood (body and neck)...... With a caution....If not weight relieved, it is going to be REALLY heavy!
  15. django49

    Think PRS will ever make a Tele?

    So many great ways to scratch the "Tele" itch, some traditional, some not. I reckon I would not be a prospective buyer...... Just two examples.....
  16. django49

    All about boots

    There was a place in LA the sold "used and vintage" boots......Called Cowboyz. I loved it. They would get gear that folks bought for a movie role, wore once, then dumped. I have some great genuine vintage pairs, as well as some real scores......Like $1200 alligator boots for under $200. Certain...
  17. django49

    The Great Blue Guitar Thread

    Gone but not forgotten...... If it does not HAVE to be a PRS.....
  18. django49

    The Boutique Pick Roundup

    I have had several different V-Picks, some very thick. Liked them all. Tend to gravitate to the 3mm ones, some with polished edges, some rough. Lately, discovered some Gravity picks in a variety. They had super discounts on top of the package price for 8. My fave models are Axis, Striker and Tripp.
  19. django49

    Are Guitar Picks the new 'toilet paper' frenzy for 2021??

    Well, I suppose if you run short of TP.....
  20. django49

    How would you take your 53/10 pickups, and in what?

    I like them in my MEQ better than the ones in my former P22. Unfortunately, I do not get around to playing it much these days.