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  1. ducmike

    McCartys... Let's see 'em!

    With the sibling! And the Sig LTD. Wish I still had both of these! I need to find pics of the DGT, an 09 tobacco burst and hollow birds.
  2. ducmike

    McCartys... Let's see 'em!

    Very nice, love how that top pops in thew sunlight. Never owned an actually McCarty model, though I have had a few of the derivatives like the DGT and Sig LTD, and now a 594 HBII, my number one since I got it over a year ago.
  3. ducmike

    All about bicycles

    I will take the snow over the TX summer, which is from May to November south of Austin where we lived. Plus, I know what a normal winter in Denver is like. Moved back to CO Labor Day weekend 22, and got some great riding in until the big snow storm 3 weeks ago. I finally remembered to stop and...
  4. ducmike

    All about bicycles

    Good to see some of us can ride outside now. We have a had some weird weather in the Denver area. Still a lot of snow and ice on the trail from the 13" of snow we got 3 on 12/28. Had about an inch a few days later. Normally we get snow and it gone in a coupe days and the trails are rideable a...
  5. ducmike

    All about bicycles

    Forgot you are in FL, that definitely qualifies for heat and humidity training. :p Thanks, I have to check this out. Ouch, hope they get you fixed up.
  6. ducmike

    All about bicycles

    The Wahoo is great, but try to get out on the the real bike and train too. My better half tried to do all of her training on the wahoo for the Leadville 100MB last year since we moved to Austin, TX in late 2019 and the heat was killing her. She had her first DNF in 8 Leadville 100s (made it to...
  7. ducmike

    Selling PRS’s?

    I used to sell PRS guitars. Regretted it every time. Sold all the others brands, and now only have PRS in the stable. BTW, everyone needs a Santana!!!
  8. ducmike

    All about bicycles

    Thanks man. I used to have a negative attitude about e-bikes, until I met a few people that had them. I thought they were basically electric motorcycles and didn't realize that most e-bikes just provided assist. I have recommended them to a few friends for their spouses so they could ride with...
  9. ducmike

    All about bicycles

    I haven't posted in awhile, just been busy. First, @dmatthews, love the regular pics of your rides, looks like a great place to get out on a bike. I'm racing the SBT Gravel Red course Sunday. Originally planned to drive up with our bikes/dogs/camping gear as usual. But, my company is moving us...
  10. ducmike

    Finish chipped on Santana Retro ~ help

    I feel your pain. I would feel better about mine if I did it myself, but my fault anyway for forgetting to put it back in the case knowing my little nieces would be at the house. Never thought about using nail polish, just lived with it for 3 years now. Is yours poly or the newer CAB Nitro...
  11. ducmike

    String change need re setup?

    I would think just a little bit of truss rod adjustment at most.
  12. ducmike

    Get your straps out

    Love these Ethos straps. Super comfortable and fits over PRS buttons with ease.
  13. ducmike

    Unexpected NAD

    So sweet. Congrats on the NAD. I’ve been living on the the D style amps in my AXE3 this week. Sounds great with the new hollow body. But that sounds great with your SH Vela.
  14. ducmike

    Show us your PRS!

  15. ducmike

    NGD: 594 HBII Charcoal Cherry Burst

    Done. Thanks for the tip.
  16. ducmike

    NGD: 594 HBII Charcoal Cherry Burst

    Update Time Turns out that for some reason the bridge posts were not set all of the way down from the factory. The dealer (Sweetwater) was very helpful and had one of their techs reach out to me Monday. He asked some questions and had me remeasure the specs. After he checked with PRS, they...
  17. ducmike

    Unexpected (and in a good way) SC594 NGD

    Very Nice! Sure looks like a 10 top. The other 2 are pretty nice too!
  18. ducmike

    NGD: 594 HBII Charcoal Cherry Burst

    Dealer said they are reaching out to PRS, but I haven't heard back since mid morning. I did double check the action at the 12th since it felt like its fretting out in the 17-22 fret range. I guess I looked at the ruler wrong (my old eyes aren't what they used to be), cause I thought it was at...